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    PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    "Her Secret Garden

    The shoreline we walked

    So many times before

    Couples walk hand in hand

    A fragrance I can still smell

    As the gentle sea breeze gracefully

    Flows through your elegant hair

    As I trace your delicate contour

    With the fingers of my mind

    The softness of your skin is only

    A memory left behind

    What is it about you

    And your secret garden

    That makes me want to love you

    Your soul embraces mine

    A memory I will never forget

    The times we spent together

    Were magical moments

    Moments of love blooming

    In this garden

    Breaking away from it’s past

    Finding its way home again

    The love we had is gone

    But you are not forgotten

    Romance is a virtue the mind manifests

    Time of the present is only a reflection

    Of the past

    The remembrance of your smiles

    Etched in my mind

    As waves unfold along this shoreline

    Footprints once there


    Taken back out to sea

    The beauty of your soul

    Whispers in my ear

    A seagull soars high above

    Against Gods painted sky

    That which reflects and shines

    In your eyes

    I stand here looking at you

    This nights first star shines bright

    Behind you

    The still of the night moves along with you

    She whispers

    A dance we use to dance

    Is still our dance

    Another place

    Another time

    I will be here

    Thinking of you

    In your secret Garden

    Arthur Henn 2007

    Moonchild Moon Goddess of Whispers

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Very nostalgic and beautiful Art.
    Sweet remembrances elegantly expressed.
    This is so tender and romantic.
    I loved every word!
    An excellent poem, thanks!

    Posted By Moonchild | Aug 16, 2007

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