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    Mr. Monster Just some dude.

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    WARNING: This poem at points is a little offensive, maybe too so, and at other points way too bubblegum. I don't really like it that much, which is a shame because it's been in my head for so long, I really wanted to do it justice. But, oh well. Anywho, just know that these aren't my personal opinions, rather just a topic I wanted to explore. Oh, and the song I thought about while writing this is a song called "Lola", I'm not sure who does it, but if you know it that may help.

    Well I think my country belongs just to me,
    and only the White man belongs in my family tree.
    Yeah, I'm a bigot who harbors thoughts of evil,
    but I pulled all sorts out of Ground Zero.
    Am I a villain? Well, am I still a villain?

    To my savior I kneel with my head held up high,
    and as I'm knighted with honor I give a happy sigh.
    I hear Jesus singing in a peacefull lull,
    and for him I smash my sword through an Arab's skull.
    Am I a hero? Tell me, aren't I still a hero?

    I hold my chainsaw up above my crown,
    and with it I bring the whole goddamned forrest down.
    I come home tired, ready to quit, but then my boy says,
    "Thanks for keeping me fed another day."
    Am I a monster? Well, am I still a monster?

    I turn the trucks away from where the owls live,
    and I realize I've made life better for everyone.
    And as I step over a homeless man,
    he keeps sayin' he was a woodsman's son.
    Have I done the right thing? Tell me, have I done the right thing?!

    As I'm lookin' on through space and time,
    it gets harder and harder to distinguish the line.
    Is Good and Evil really that close apart?
    Is right and wrong really just in the heart?
    And are there any heroes? Are there...any..heroes??

    Like I said, eh.

    Posted By Mr. Monster | Mar 4, 2007

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    MsJacquiiC Poetica Magnifique

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    Hey MR MONSTER - interesting poem - Kinda lost me in the 4th stanza though - I thought the turn was going to explore the argument "Why are we there, when there's so much to do here?"

    Anyway - interesting poem - What inspired/motivated you to write this one? At anyrate - thanx for the share.


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Mar 4, 2007

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