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Discussion in 'Emotional Romantic' started by Bear, May 28, 2008.

    Bear JPiC Contributor

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    Hour Of Darkness
    My heart is lifeless and darkness consumes me
    As I hear her depart
    My thoughts digress then I my thoughts turn to her
    Enticing my heart to vocalize
    Just how incredible and unique she is
    With her gentle smile and delicate lips
    Feel so soft, yet I speak boldly
    But my thought stumble in the depths of my mind
    If we were ever alone together
    I know I would surrender my heart and soul to her
    And we would nestle in front of the fire
    Warm and cozy, I would take her face into my hands tenderly
    And softly kiss her cheeks, tip of her nose and her soft delicate lips
    Our tantalizing enticed our passion and impulsive lovemaking.
    Till we zephyr through the skies in ecstasy

    Posted By Bear | May 28, 2008

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    JONATHAN living not existing.

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    HEY BIG GUY ... Wassup ? I like this ... we all go through that period of longing for someone who goes away and sometimes we even indulge in some day dreaming bout how fine it would be to have them back ..... yu put that across in the this poem oh so nice and mellow ... love it:man_in_love:

    Posted By JONATHAN | Jan 17, 2011
  2. Lurking

    MsJacquiiC Poetica Magnifique

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    In a cloud of smoke...
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    I miss reading you Tom. Anyway - this poem is lovely - there's a few syntax errors - but overall the softness of this poem speaks. There's such an intimate love affair going on.... but only in the mind?

    The lines I quoted above - that "If" stands out - such a melancholy "If" -- seems the narrator has a love affair in mind - but can't quite 'get to it' -- I know this all too well. But the heart wants what the heart wants...

    Nice share = thanks for the read and hope to see you around JPiC again ;)


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Jan 17, 2011

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