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    Lifes_Deception New Member

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Fuck you
    I am not your marketing statistic
    Fuck you
    I am not your demographic
    Fuck you
    I am not defined by my bank account
    I am not my clothes
    I am not my car
    I am not my bling bling
    I am not how many women I put my penis in
    I am not my penis size
    I am me, myself, and I
    A human animal with fingers instead of claws
    Ready to cock back my fist full of fuck yous and punch the world in the face
    Ready to piss some gasoline all over this fire
    Because I don’t wanna see your terrorist boogeyman anymore
    I don’t wanna see your constant loops of planes flying into buildings
    I don’t want your anorexic models, celebrity sob stories, and murdered children
    I don’t want your rapist politicians,
    and I don’t want the latest death toll

    Fuck your pills
    Because I don’t have ADD,
    I just don’t pay attention to your bullshit

    Fuck you and fuck your Via-gra
    Because if I ever do get a four hour erection
    I’ll be seeking a lot more than medical attention
    And did I not mention that I don’t even have health insurance
    So how the fuck am I supposed to talk to my doctor?

    Fuck you
    Fuck your wars
    Fuck your sport scores

    The world is not right and left The world is not Democrat or Republican The world does not end at America’s borders Fuck you

    Open your mind
    Think for yourself
    and go, go, GO
    Get the fuck off the couch
    Go read a fucking book
    Go turn off the fucking TV Open your eyes
    OPEN YOUR MIND And to those
    who choose not to
    And to those
    who don’t like this poem
    And to those
    who can’t dig my message
    All I gotta say to them is FUCK YOU

    BloodyTea New Member

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    I could say a lot about this.

    Posted By BloodyTea | Mar 12, 2016

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