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    amachristian New Member

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    Reeling in my head is the sound of crying in the night.
    How can I ignore such a lonely sound?

    Today I passed a house with shutters falling off.
    On the front porch sat a teenager with his head in his hands.

    A widow on my road sits alone and wonders what will become
    of what's left of her life.
    Homeless try to keep warm in the woods near our town.
    A women pleads online for shoes for her children. One of her
    little ones has frost bitten toes.

    An orphanage in India picks babies off the street. Abandon children
    are no importance to the government in so many countries.
    Africa cries for help to come but most will never see it
    in their life time.

    Starvation in the U.S. is not happening.....of course it isn't!
    Who said that??

    It's hard to sleep when so much is going on.
    So much is on my mind and in my heart.
    But what can I, one person do?

    It hurts so far down that I can't explain what it's done to me.

    I watch tv and see people wearing fancy, expensive clothes.
    How many cars does one person need?
    Where will we vacation this year?
    I must look as good as anyone I might see today.
    Power means I owe no one.
    I, Me, My is the rule of today.

    I hate no one but wish I knew how to reach everyone.
    I am no one so why should others listen when I speak?
    I consume their valuable time with my many words.
    Human as I am, I must be guilty of the same greed.
    How can I convince anyone?

    It's all mumble to me.
    Shall I surface talk or go straight to the heart?

    Tonight I am awake with thoughts of those without
    and those with.

    I know there are some who do but many more
    who do not.
    A statement with no meaning can cause ridicule...
    or much thought.

    Where do I fit?
    How will I know?

    Many say words of love, of care, full of emotion
    but I long to see the action of these things.
    I long to see hearts so full that many, not few are moved.

    I sit alone wishing I could sleep.
    I sit alone with empty pockets and wonder why
    my heart is full while my bank account is empty.

    I am only one, only one!
    I want so much to be more capable.
    I want so much to do the impossible.
    I want so much.
    Maybe too much...

    No matter, my condition will not change.
    Reeling in my head is the sound of crying in the night.

    Is this normal?
    I think it should be.

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    Zeblon New Member

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    It starts well..Decent imagery..I feel it slips into a list of questions and loses cohesion..Still it's interesting and full of emotion..^__^

    Posted By Zeblon | Nov 14, 2006

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