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Discussion in 'Spiritual Poems' started by papasan22, Jun 28, 2007.

    papasan22 PenDragon

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    Searching the finite threads of mortality
    for some meaning or pattern in the
    Infinite's dance of thoughtless neutrality.

    Having climbed the fast inconscient realms
    of supreme ignorance and having fallen
    face down in the web of duality, He finally
    suckles the sweet and pregnant nothingness
    that is here when all else is gone.
    I Am That I Am!

    Every experience, a golden rung on
    the ladder of accension, each a blessing
    above the lie of right and wrong.

    The gutter births a king, a saint, a prophet
    who's heart knows all, who's mind is empty,
    who's lips are sealed.

    The great pretender glimpses the shadowy
    outlines of his own sweet lie, but trembles not
    in the face of Ego's seeming triumph.

    For he knows beyond knowing that circles
    are not circles unless complete, through
    the gift of dark ignorance, degradation,
    utter humiliation and annihilation
    I Am That I AM.

    Written By Mark Roske
    Copyright 2007

    Posted By papasan22 | Jun 28, 2007

    KayaOtah happy as ever

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    I knew it.. another cool pic... saved in folder...
    Hope you don't mind
    nicely written. I like the quote 'I am what I am'...

    Posted By KayaOtah | Jun 28, 2007

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