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Discussion in 'Emotional Romantic' started by PoetryInMotion, Aug 14, 2007.

    PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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    Thinking of Dad when I wrote this. Lost him Fathers Day 2001

    “I CRY“
    Sorrows amongst the winds of change
    My spirit flies high as a dove
    He smiles
    Brighter than the sun

    Why does one cry
    Why am I sad
    When I know his loving
    Are wrapped around you

    Shadows of your death
    Creep up through
    The cracks I walk on

    Gods sedated sky
    Puts darkness to rest

    My soul rests with the evil
    Broken clouds
    Flow over
    This broken soul

    Drawn from the past
    Grieving over the fallen
    Longing for the present
    What shall
    Come to rest
    Unfolds from the past

    Emotions embraced
    By the warmth of your loving arms

    By rays of your guided light
    Falling through the cracks
    Of the present
    Arthur Henn 2007

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Dear Art,

    Sometimes when no one is able to say anything says it all. This is one of those poems. He lives on through you, your heart, and your spirit. I am sure is is around you everyday. This was a beautiful piece dedicated to him, and brought forth a tear and the specialness in every way. Speechless......

    Kim :angel:

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