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    I just love you
    "Softly she whispered the words, 'I just love you'."

    She doesn't expect you to think of her,
    or see her as you walk by.
    She doesn't expect you to notice her,
    or ask yourself why?

    Why did you stop caring, start ignoring her?
    Why can't she look you in the eye anymore?
    Why does she act like she doesn't care about you?
    It just wasn't like you to ignore.

    "Hey", she ignores you, staring at her feet.
    You notice her slightly upturned lips,
    "Ugh," she thinks, "it isn't fair to cheat".
    She can't help but notice the curve of your hips

    She has accepted the disapointment,
    the bitter sorrow.
    She's accepted the mistreatment,
    but how would you know?

    How would you know she's been marred by your neglect?
    How would you know she's been crying everyday?
    How would you know she can't stand the loneliness?
    It's not like you cared anyway.

    "I've tried. Everyday for a month now I've tried to forget him"
    If only your smile didn't light up her day, maybe it wouldn't be so hard.
    "The days when I don't see him are the days that are most dim"
    It's not easy for her to move on when you've left her so scarred.

    She wants so much, your affection,
    or at the least your approval.
    She fears so much your rejection,
    so why must you insist upon her removal.

    Why do you hurt her over and over,
    until she can't even begin to heal?
    What happened to make you dislike her, what happened to make you stop caring?
    Were you feelings ever even real?

    "Why do you let me do this to you?",
    She keeps her head down, "What do you even mean?"
    "Why does what I do hurt you?"
    She turns and walks away, but not before you've witnessed the tears,
    that should've been falling unseen.

    She doesn't understand what you want from her?
    Why must you tease her by acknowledging her at random?
    She doesn't want you to ever say hello, certainly you can see why she'd prefer,
    She doesn't want you to smile, or say witty things, lest she succumb.

    You can't come back on occasion, then brush her off without a care.
    How can you expect her to heal that way?
    You can't smile at her, and brighten her day, just to darken it the next by avoidance.
    If you really do care for her, then come back, and just stay.

    You follow her; concerned. "Please, I didn't mean to upset you,
    just why do you let me get to you".
    She hangs her head in shame, but she changes her mind and looks to your face,
    taking in the view.
    Softly she whispers the words, "I just love you".


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