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    Title should read I Juxtapose Shit Holes Or Oreo's or UH-OH spaghattiOs da neat round spaghatti you can eat wit a spoon

    So first off let me say disclaimer: no ill intent is meant to the Oreo Spagettio's Cherieo brands and contains me the artist and some vulgarity and shit

    From the series, we spell words any way we want to or just google um

    I Juxtapose or Uh-Oh spaghettiOs the neat round spaghetti you can eat wit a spoon
    I Juxtapose Shit hole or Oreo's I suppose
    Shift holds at work maybe
    I Phone
    I'm Gone
    UUUh-Oh more spaghettiOs countries
    or black hole countries
    Head Stones
    more I Phones
    I'm gone countries
    more I Phones
    well know countries
    I also do rap no not really just sayin
    as far as
    shit holes I do suppose da flintstones countries
    Shout Out to da flintstones shit hole countries
    I used to cry for Cheerios countries
    don't want to be in a relationship countries
    dis feel-good poetry dis all da poetry dey didn't teach yall how to write
    dis a #shithole poem dis run up on me poetry dis kinda like avant-garde 2.O

    I juxtapose shit holes or Oreos or feel alone countries
    or transparency wit all my business on facebook countries
    I want me wanna dem new I Phones countries
    Shitholes I juxtapose do yall like Oreo's when you feel alone

    ok more headstones
    shitholes I do suppose
    I juxtaposed more I Phone home alone king kong countries
    shy holes but now full grown countries

    Shit hole



    Nick Foles

    I do suppose countries
    I juxtapose shithole or Oreo
    we cannot now recall

    Posted By michael | Feb 7, 2018

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