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    yngst New Member

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    Nov 6, 2006
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    If I could/I will

    Wanna bring you back
    to my first song
    those first words
    you ever heard
    expressed dearly, alongside these verbs

    I wanna take you
    to a place where no man
    has ever been
    no one has come between
    where no one has ever dreamed

    I wanna show ya
    all my heart
    every artery and vessel-
    aorta and chamber
    that helps and aid
    in my blood flow

    I long to take all
    your wishes upon a star
    no matter how far they are
    redirect them, grant them to you
    because you were once my wish upon a star

    I would cease the
    sun's bright lights
    to help give you the shade
    desalinate the ocean's water
    if you'd rather bathe in the artic
    (I’ll do this for you)

    break down any mountain
    that you said was too tall
    build up any hill
    you thought was too small
    for your love-
    like an RN, I’m always on call

    if you were hidden
    in the lowest place
    I would crawl to come and find you
    if in the clouds you lived
    in residence-
    to find you I’ll
    resurrect all the dead presidents
    (to buy me a device to get me my heaven sent)

    there's no limit my
    love can't reach
    there's no lesson
    my love can't teach
    our love's religious
    yes it always preach
    and our kisses like skud missiles
    to our lips they seek

    This is me!
    This is you!
    This is us!


    Posted By yngst | Nov 21, 2006

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