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    PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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    Jolie asked by a comment if I would do a poem as a train ride...This was inspired by her comment....Jolie, here is your train ride my dear...enjoy!

    “Her Majestic Train Ride”

    Upon the steps
    Of theses mountains
    I long
    For one, that I love
    Hearing her lonesome whistle blow
    Looking out
    Through the widow of her soul
    This train I ride
    Unearthing a memory
    Deep from within my soul
    She whispers
    Many things
    I have forgotten
    The times she sat here next to me
    Looking out this same window
    Another place, another time
    She would speak
    Ever so close to me
    Hearing the sounds
    Of a not so lonesome whistle blow
    Looking out, upon her rolling hills
    Graced with wild flower
    Lined with paths of love
    Paths of running streams
    Running streams
    Nourishing her colors
    Mother Nature
    She touched my soul
    Kissing me with her warm embrace
    Looking atop her ice caped glacier
    Seeing her Clearer
    Than any dream
    I can imagine
    High above
    Soars an eagle
    In flight
    Looking down on me
    His eye
    A compass
    Reflecting the direction
    Of time in motion
    Beauty surrounds me
    All around
    A sphere
    Majestic color
    Stimulating my soul
    Not to mention
    The beauty sitting in front of me
    Asking for your hand
    Standing up
    Embracing your beautiful face
    In the palm of my hands
    I kiss you tenderly
    On your forehead
    Whispering in your ear
    You’re as majestic
    And beautiful
    As this train ride

    ©Arthur Henn

    Aumakua Misunderstood

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    Awwwwwww KAWAII! (Japanese for cute :p) That's seriously amazing stuff, to write something like that out only from a comment. Kick ass write :D

    Posted By Aumakua | Oct 6, 2007

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