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    “It’s Just A Memory”

    Rain falls out of the midnight sky

    Tears roll softly down her cheeks

    A remembrance

    A thought, not that far off

    Not that long ago


    Leaves blowing out

    From under her feet

    Cold, looking up

    Into the street lamp

    Watching the rain fall

    Above her

    Embracing herself with warm arms

    Thinking of all the times

    She was embrace by his warmth

    His warm loving arms


    This night I stand on this street corner

    Remembering the first time we met

    Your smile, as you stopped in the middle of the street

    Looking back upon me

    Running back towards me

    To help me across

    The busy rain slick street


    “Come on, it’s OK. I’m here to help you”

    You said


    Etched in this heart of mine


    Fulfilled emotions of what I long for


    Nothing new,

    Feelings what has always been there

    Time renews it’s self

    With every soulful heart beat


    Looking back

    On the day we met

    Day’s, long past

    But still cherished


    Acquaintance, friendship

    Flowing along with each summer breeze

    Falling into the innocence of love

    That bloomed into the pleasure

    Of each sunset

    Embraced by his loving arms


    Waking up beside him

    Watching him sleep

    Replaying our love in motion

    Wanting him again with the love of passion and desire


    Softly embracing the memory of our love

    Arthur Henn 2007

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