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    Submission Guidelines

    Please Read [IMG] New Policy

    We are grateful for the many wonderful submissions from authors seeking publication by Koenisha Publications. It is a difficult task to pick out the few manuscripts that we have the time and resources to publish. So it is with great soul-searching that we have decided to ask authors to PLEASE LIMIT SUBMISSIONS TO THE MONTHS OF JUNE THROUGH DECEMBER OF EACH YEAR.

    WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS OR QUERIES VIA EMAIL. It has become a daunting task to sort through electronic submissions, especially when our security program puts them in the spam folder.
    Note: If you submitted a manuscript and have not received a response yet, please be patient as we carefully consider each query, manuscript and proposal.
    Thank you from The Koenisha Publications staff.

    What We Seek
    Koenisha Publications accepts original manuscripts that are:

    • written with passion. We're not interested in books written to suit a particular line or house or because it's trendy and might make a lot of money. (We're all hoping for that!) Instead write a book from your heart--the inspiration or idea that kept you going through the writing process.
    • written as professionally as you know how. We don't reject manuscripts just because the author is unfamiliar with the latest style manual of choice or because the font is unacceptable in editorial circles. We request that you familiarize yourself with standard format and procedures, which include the following common sense:
    1. Manuscripts should be printed in black on white paper, double-spaced and one-sided.
    2. Leave a standard margin around all edges.
    3. Number the pages consecutively.
    4. Neatness counts. If you want us to treat your manuscript with the respect it deserves, you should too.
    5. Include your name and address in the query letter, along with the word count (or number of pages), title of the book, information about your book and yourself, especially why you were inspired (or why you are qualified) to write the book.
    6. The proposal package should contain a one-page overview (or synopsis) and two or three sample chapters.
    7. Return postage is appreciated, otherwise we will assume you don't want the manuscript returned unless you say so.
    • written with a particular audience in mind. We specialize in mysteries. But our line also includes romance as well as a wide variety of nonfiction including poetry, Christian inspirational, cookbooks, and how-tos. If you submit a manuscript for children or young adults, we use readers of the age-level of the intended audience of the proposed manuscript to help us determine its marketability.
    • completed at the time of submission. If your manuscript is still in progress, please take the time to complete it before submitting. After evaluating your style and concept or storyline, the next thing we determine in a work of fiction is whether the book has a satisfactory conclusion. In a nonfiction work, we determine whether the book has the impact at the end that it promised in the beginning.
    What We Do Not Accept
    Koenisha Publications does not accept manuscripts that contain unnecessary foul language, explicit sex, or gratuitous violence. If a story is well-written these things are not needed to shock the reader's attention.
    At this time, we are unable to publish picture books.

    Some Things You Should Know
    • Koenisha Publications does not at this time pay advances on royalties. However we do offer an author-friendly contract with a royalty rate more in line with the efforts of hard-working authors.
    • We do not participate in manuscript auction processes.
    • An agent is not necessary for authors sending inquiries.

    Where to Send Your Submission

    attention: Earl Leon, acquisition editor
    3196 - 53rd Street
    Hamilton, MI 49419-0263

    We no longer accept submissions or queries via email. It has become a daunting task to sort through electronic submissions, especially when our security program puts them in the spam folder.

    Posted By MsJacquiiC | May 14, 2007

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