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    ClayTheWolf New Member

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    Mar 10, 2008
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    Lady Of Dreams Part ll

    Holding her close like a hidden treasure,
    the master to your heart she holds.
    She whispers those dreams of explicit pleasure
    that ravish your senses and caresses your soul.

    Many a night within those dreams
    to your sensual embrace I flew.
    Where such ecstasy of pleasures stream...
    Emotions I never felt, I never knew.

    She told me of things behind closed doors,
    deep yearnings of her loving heart.
    Dreams and Fantasy we did explore...
    From visions of ecstacy, never depart.

    Between her flesh and mine,
    a burning dream has possessed me...
    Far beyond memory of my mind
    had anticipated my lady to be.

    I have found within passions ecstasy,
    the art of exotic thought.
    Visions and dreams of erotic fantasy,
    this rhyme of reason I sought.

    Many a night under moon and stars,
    where the plight of our pleasures stir.
    Then vanish into shadows near and far...
    In my dreams where mysteries find her.

    Through the shadows of mist,
    in visions of dreams dividing.
    Lady of dreams I cannot resist...
    Breath by breath we lay subsiding.

    The mysteries of visions and The magic of Dreams...
    Behind this lady of vision,
    is my Lady Of Dreams...

    About This Poem:
    Lady of Dreams Part I is really special to me!!! Lady of Dreams II is even more... Because, I don't meter my poems very often... This poem is really a wonderful dream after Part 1, Which was so intense, Pt 11 complimented Pt 1, When you understand the reasoning behind the thoughts, Then and only then can you feel... This intimacy with passion is more than a dream, it is a real part of my heart and soul... Take Care, TheWolf

    Bear JPiC Contributor

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    Dec 7, 2006
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    wonderful penning Clay very intense, sensual, the images are beautiful full of passion and desires, excellent poem

    Posted By Bear | Mar 25, 2008

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