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    (Sub) Limericks Levels pt. III

    Level 1
    Chants bellow thru alien ear buds
    Plants mellow mood like Arcadian geared floods
    Sippin’ citrus flavored green teas
    Stints in vistas layered; its themes please
    As scant echoes grew salient in veered thuds

    Myth’s creeds plead compassion
    This exceeds each vestige rationed
    Daily bread meditations turn N2 time warps of
    Vaguely pledged mesmerizations sent thru blind sculptors
    Flipped feeds bleed attraction

    Level 2
    Rewind sculpture to a future pulsar
    Kept the sword stored for
    Galactic battling
    Protracted patterning
    With designed vultures 2 induce preferred culture

    The worded sulfur of distinct vibrations
    Succinct migrations
    Adjusting neurotransmitters
    A just scheme thru those entranced pillars
    The brink of my creations

    Level 3
    Time’s wastin’… the previous me
    Aligned adjacent… deviously
    I follow thru a marked corridor
    Scenes hollow & stark with boarded doors
    Mind escapes then proceeds tediously

    Seein’ it’s me I gape at the entrances
    Vehemently I infiltrate the premises
    Mundane pictures rotate memories like synergy
    Some frames skip absurd at slow rates despite imagery
    Conveniently I indicate what the premise is

    Level 4
    This is me in a dream state yet awake
    Maybe it’s a meme in a stringed trait yet agape
    Direct links to hidden impulses stitched
    Effects sink deep within the cortex’s midst
    Vivid scenes render streams that elate

    Somewhere between lucid & conducive
    From there each screen is exclusive & reclusive
    Recollections switch up the perception
    Childhood sections, pics of us per second
    A known lair it seems elusive like a vibe in music

    Level 5
    Satori sets in then I lose it… dimensions emerge stretched
    2 the extent comes an averseness
    Yet Rubicon in the worst context
    I am truly calm in the search conquest
    In the event this is done in versed treks

    Posted By LE00EL | Aug 14, 2013

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