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Discussion in 'Spoken Word & Freestyle' started by MDMH89, Aug 1, 2007.

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    It's getting difficult.

    I'm finding water that was once knee deep
    is now reaching my shoulders
    without showing any sign of hope.

    The sun forgets how to fall
    like it used to
    behind the horizon
    and sun sets aren't so beautiful
    any more.

    I find everything fading to that
    darker sort of gray
    and the silence in film
    is coming back with
    a vengeance.

    Tell me,
    I'm just going crazy,
    some one tell me
    the welcome mat to my sanity
    is tripping me up at the door,
    because at least then
    something can make sense.

    But no,
    I don't deserve such grace.

    Tell me this feeling
    that I need to ram my finger nails
    into my eyes
    is natural.
    Because I've been biting
    my nails for years.
    It just doesn't seem tangible.

    This isn't being lost at sea doll,
    this is some of that
    lost in me kinda action.

    Out here,
    all the pretty girls
    seem to have boyfriends,
    lost in a love,
    I've just decided to strip myself

    Out here,
    the only thing I've been able to wed
    is that bottle of pills
    that makes me numb, soul less, and bare
    just dumb, callous, and
    dare I say that I need a different
    sorta lovin.
    or is that just asking a bit too much.

    This padded room
    fills with boiling water
    to the top.
    and I'm just too weak
    to grab that life preserver
    just let me float,
    and float,
    off to some place,
    possibly better.

    A place that brings
    back the sunset,
    back the color,
    back the sounds.

    Because out here,
    the sunrise tends only
    to be a reminder,
    of everything
    I've lost at sea.

    Or even,
    lost in me.

    Posted By MDMH89 | Aug 1, 2007

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