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    J_Alex New Member

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    Apr 20, 2014
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    Love is the greatest lie of all
    It is pushed on to us from the very first moments of existence
    To the last moments of life
    And even in death
    We can't get a break
    The pastor says love is eternal
    The rabbi says love is tradition
    The imam says love is paradise
    And the basketful of others declare that love is immortal
    That love will stand the test of time
    as if it's some giant monument made of steel

    But it isn’t a monument
    Love is a word
    And words sell

    They tell you love is a bag of Lay's potato chips
    and can of Coke on a hot July afternoon
    When you close the door of your new Lexus, they tell you that's love
    'For 15 cents a day you could help feed a child' is love
    If it's certified, inspected, marked and labeled with a big gold ribbon and covered in little guarantee stickers or the ever cheerful faces of old timey slaves, it's love
    And that jolly old man from the North Pole who sits with your kids telling them everything they want to hear,
    that's love too
    If it feels good it's love
    if it tastes good it's love
    if it looks good, smells good, sounds good it's love
    is love
    is love
    is love

    But that's the lie
    Behind the words and the colorful pictures
    there is no love
    there is only a man working three jobs trying to get the rent on time while saving up some money for his daughters' college fund, but knowing that he'll probably get evicted anyways because the land lady doesn't like Mexicans.
    Or a group of shareholders discussing fiscal projections for the new quarter after hiding millions of dollars in unfilled tax returns that went directly into the pockets of a few.
    Or a kid trying to decide whether or not to pay a dollar for an ice tea or give it to the bum on the corner,
    but buying an ice tea anyways because he knows that bums are dirty
    and should get a job (at least that's what the TV said)

    Love is the greatest lie of all
    Because love isn't just a word
    It isn't a product
    It isn't a construct of human society to exploit our humanity
    To take advantage of us so we blindly conform as they dance around the board room table
    with fistfuls of hearts bleeding in their hands
    All while singing "Love is! Love is! Love is!"
    Grinning and snickering as if they had discovered the fountain of youth

    Love is not that
    Love is a lie
    The most beautiful lie of all
    Breaking the framework of our reality
    Shattering the rose-colored glasses of conformity
    A reflection of our inner core
    Our soul, so to say,
    Sending out a beacon
    Of something human
    Of something flesh
    Something more

    Love is

    And it would be a crime to solve love
    To answer all of its questions
    To throw it in a cage and study it like a rat
    Cut it open and wade through its internals
    Catalogue every piece and lock it in a metal drawer so future generations won't be puzzled by it
    So that that love will be so well known
    That no more will there be love struck fools
    No more star crossed lovers to cry over
    No love at first sight
    No passion and fire that gives so many reason
    No poets pondering
    No singers singing
    Or writers writing
    Love will only be a symptom
    And with a prescription you can take care of that too

    That's why love is the greatest lie of all
    It is

    And yet we lie to ourselves
    Saying love is this and that
    Thinking that love can be defined
    That love can be crammed into just 4 letters
    A lie that is human in nature
    A lie to avoid the truth
    A truth we do not want to face
    But a truth that we cannot unbind ourselves from

    We will always try
    To explain
    To understand
    To know
    To not be afraid
    But we don't know
    And we don't understand
    And we can't explain
    And that scares us

    But maybe that is love
    Not knowing
    To be afraid of the unknown
    afraid of the dark
    afraid of being alone
    Being scared to say

    'Love is the greatest lie of all'
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    Posted By J_Alex | Apr 20, 2014

    jakeminick McGonagall's Ghost

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    Feb 2, 2011
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    woh, i "greatest lie of all"-ed that. wow...

    Posted By jakeminick | May 18, 2014
  1. Magical

    Forestdawn Member

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    Jun 28, 2015
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    I love this! and that's not a lie. Your poem was outstanding. Straight and to the point. The truth lies within the lie. Yet do we have to lie, to get to the truth? You said it all here. A great emotional piece. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted By Forestdawn | Jul 3, 2015

    Moonchild Moon Goddess of Whispers

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    I love this! So honest and right on.
    I agree and you said it perfectly.
    Strong write, much meaning.

    Posted By Moonchild | Aug 17, 2015

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