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    to all the people i have admired....
    you are all greatly responsible....
    for every way you have influenced me
    through everything you have said and done
    now i have become aware...
    that i am as careless as all of you
    for i watch not what i do
    care not for what was done
    and think not upon the people who've been in my company....
    just like i loved and idolized all of you
    i learned everything i have now seen you do
    and i have picked up your ways
    and made them apart of me
    all the good bad and the ugly
    now i look at the ugly that you have passed to me
    it disgusts and repulses me
    for that i try to just break free
    from what ever connection you have made to me
    but all is lost in my battle for individuality
    because now i am one with my influences
    one with my idols
    one with the ones i have adorned
    but so far away from the one who created me
    father forgive me for loving their sin
    Lord teach me the difference between the flesh and the holy
    i want no part of these damning urges
    make me yours
    make me yours

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    Ah the Psalmist, Phillip! The David of his generation. enjoyed the song to the Lord!

    My fav:



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