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    Her features are idolizing,
    Everything in her body is not cosmetic.
    Her look is just so mesmerizing,
    Nothing ever synthetic.
    She was always so sympathizing,
    Her mentality was never standardizing.

    She was not one that was an advertiser,
    Everyone had her admiration.
    She was just a simple generalizer,
    Never put anyone in any classification.
    Very good idealizer,
    As well as dynamic idolizer.

    She was very modernizing,
    Her energy was almost kinetic.
    She had a secret that was very scandalizing,
    A secret that was very theoretic.
    There was something very symbolizing,
    But on the inside she was disguising.

    She was a very good apologizer,
    No matter what was the complication,
    She was a huge dramatizer,
    Yet every secret had an explanation.
    She was her own worst criticizer,
    And her secret was buried deep in fertilizer.

    One night, her tools, she started sterilizing,
    Her urge for revenge was magnetic.
    Her emotional pain was very agonizing,
    Yet her plan was very systematic.
    That man she just started despising,
    Had raped her without improvising.

    She was always a civilizer,
    But she never got justice for her brutalization.
    He was a high enterpriser,
    But she didn’t get any compensation.
    She had to turn into a chastiser,
    And became a very good analyzer.

    She was not going to be improvising,
    She turned very splenetic.
    She catched him by surprising,
    Soon everything turned frenetic.
    She forgot about moralizing,
    And got everything to be organizing.

    She used acids as atomizer,
    Sprayed it in his face for activation.
    She forgot about being a humanizer,
    And cut off all of his circulation.
    She felt like a moralizer,
    Making him see he was an agonizer.

    At the end, she didn’t feel like apologizing,
    His death was almost poetic.
    She buried her secret and everything compromising,
    She created her own nomothetic.
    She stopped secularizing,
    And began to live her life harmonizing.
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  2. Lurking

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    Nice write for such a bastardly, dastardly deed. I love the fact that although society will not (or cannot) give the rape victim her justice, that she will exact her own justice. The quoted above is vicious, but warranted and made for an interesting read.

    The very last sentence quoted there though, should likely read as follows: "Making him see he was the antagonizer." ;)

    Anyway - thank's for sharing this enjoyable read!


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Oct 28, 2013
  3. Creative

    RazorBladeConfessions Member

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    The Rio Grande Valley, Texas
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    Thank you so much for liking my poem!!
    I absolutely agree that the justice system is very unfair to rape victims everywhere.
    Let's say a man murders anyone he gets 15-life
    Then we got a rapist that rapes one person and gets 6-8 theeen he get's released in 2-3 yrs for good behavior.
    I am enraged by the penalties the rapist get in the justice system.
    My philosophy on rape is that you are not raping anyone in fact you are murdering the person over and over again
    even though you only did it once the raped person has to live in fear all the time.
    Don't you think?
    BTW.. this poem is based on a real story from a woman in Mexico that they did not do anything about her raper.

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