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    So I hear you’re getting married,
    Now were thousands of miles apart.
    I keep remembering the times we were together,
    Just mindless matters of the heart.

    I’m happy for both of you,
    He seems like a great man.
    What we did was “forbidden” as you say,
    Missing those days we both didn’t give a damn.

    Our misunderstanding took a whole different path,
    Something we both never could’ve seen.
    Our feelings grew bigger than the classroom you taught,
    It was just a summer of love as we both believed.

    You pulled away from me because you were scared,
    The moment we had would’ve lasted longer.
    You’re life and career were on the line,
    Both of us afraid of what we had could’ve grown stronger.

    I heard of the religious path you took,
    Now it’s soaking in my brain.
    Guessing that was your charm all along,
    So pure and innocent that drove me insane.

    Now were on opposite sides of the world,
    Wishing The Gulf of Thailand would wash you up to shore.
    My heart awoken as soon as I laid eyes on you,
    A feeling I’ve have still never felt before.

    You still live in my hometown,
    The slums of Texas showed your ground.
    A different place from where you’re really from,
    Yet you loved the places I showed you around.

    What really made you stay here?
    I wonder what you found.
    You could’ve left a long time before,
    Somehow you managed to still hang around.

    Just wanted to tell you that I got your message,
    Like I do every New Years.
    You wishing me happy birthday,
    Washing away all my fears.

    A heartfelt message that you always send,
    The cutest thing I have yet to receive.
    Whenever I reach a dead end,
    I have your word to help me to still believe.

    What we had was just so beautiful,
    Regretting that we could’ve only seen.
    Hoping that you really found happiness,
    Though you are not with me.

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