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    MrsRivera New Member

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    Mar 9, 2007
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    My First Love

    I stand before you, an open book,

    a fallen angel, yet a crook,

    cause I'm stealin' first place,


    Look me in my face.

    I may not fit the mold,

    but damn it,

    my story's not goin' untold.

    My lips may be thin,

    my head large.

    I've held the guilt of many sins,

    But my soul is that of a star.

    My ass is thicker than the average white chick.

    My native shows through my hair,

    long, curly, and thick.

    My eyes are green w/determination,

    single mother,

    completed college education.

    Now that I've shared my imperfections,

    and my good-enough-to-mentions,

    Can I have your undivided attention?

    Cause right now I feel so close,

    yet so far,

    I can taste it,

    I've never been so hungry before,

    completed Ideas, synopsis, notions,

    can anyone hear me anymore?

    I'm tryin' to spread awareness from ocean to ocean,

    And the more shit I climb through,

    the more understanding I lose,

    But the more strength I gain,

    I spit in the face of pain.

    My purpose is plain,

    I'm in the right lane,

    can I get a green light,

    can I get a ticket to fly,

    How many more need to die?

    I'm slowly losing my sight,

    But my soul's standing by.

    I Need to get up and go

    Damn near broke,

    Contemplating a move to the City of NY,

    My five year old won't understand why,

    I tell him the limit is the sky.

    I've been blessed with the gift of intuition,

    but with out God it's insufficient.

    I've been told on my life there's a calling,

    but how can I answer if I keep falling.

    Every form of abuse I've endured.

    Any issue you have, I can cure.

    My mind never stops, it stays,

    concocting floating arrays of word plays,

    I feel this, I know this, It's in my blood,

    so deep that words can't describe enough.

    Speaking was my first expression,

    Writing......my first love.

    "Sarah Rivera"

    Posted By MrsRivera | Mar 15, 2007

    Bear JPiC Contributor

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    Dec 7, 2006
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    very nice write Mrs riveria its hard to just open up to someone.
    hugs kisses

    Posted By Bear | Mar 18, 2007

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