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    My Life Anew

    You brought with you your love
    When you stepped through the door
    Like an angel from above
    Asking for nothing more
    Than my love in return
    So let's live lessons and learn

    That smile on your face
    Has lingered with me from day one
    And yes, we have our space
    And yes, we have our fun
    But all you want is this hand to hold
    And I fret you'll feel the cold

    Now I'm in love with my best friend
    Who put me back together
    And brought my pain to its end
    Who's young, but speaks of forever
    Like it's an indefinite thing
    And I'll voice this poem as a song to sing
    Because you've given me my life anew
    And baby, I love you..

    NOTE: The only consistent pattern exhibited in this piece of writing is ABABCC which is turned into ABABCCDD in the final segment..I don't know why, but I feel as though it's its place to be there.

    Brutally honest feedback.

    I also forgot to inform my new friends and loyal "admirers" of my most recent escapade in the real world. I've known this girl for 2 years. We were seeing each other the previous summer, but that came to an abrupt end when I was jailed for 4 months (I was released in 37 days on grounds of good behaviour). I was intoxicated by her from day 1, and it's a struggle to prove how I've changed my ways of violence to her, though I'm willing to work at this for years. We started dating again 5 months ago, a week or 2 after my brother (best friend) broke up with her because she wasn't willing to participate in sexual activity with him..needless to say, I no longer associate myself with him. If that's what he's about, then he isn't about my crowd. I think I've fallen in love with her.
    I do outrageous things just to see her smile.
    I make the corniest jokes, just to hear her laugh.
    I'd take on the Roman Empire if it meant her safety.
    I walk hours in the blistering cold, from my city to hers, just to be with her, even if it's for 5 minutes.
    She looks at me and I get butterflies.

    I know we're young and I know we're naive, but as this board is aware, I'm not truly a 15-year-old boy..not at heart, not at mind, not at soul..so talking about this near and distant future with her is something that I consider heavily. I plan on moving out when I turn 18, finishing college and pursuing a profession of either architecture, mixed martial arts (be it the role of instructor, coach, or fighter), or..I don't even really know what I want to do. I have no professional or academic ambitions, I'm 15. If I decide to do this or that so young, I'll miss out on the multitude of opportunities that will present themselves later on in my life. Back on topic though. I'm crazy about her. It's like she's (credit to Dane Cook on this one): a brain ninja, but..in a good way. She's always on my mind, always my selected topic of socialism. She's nothing like me, but exactly like me. We differ in so many ways, but are so alike. This just might be (naive comes into play) naive.

    And for those of you who are interested, this is how I laid down the initial, tear-jerking kiss. (Bare in mind that she and I are traditionalists. We don't jump head-first into romance, we take our time with these things..) This took place 5 weeks ago.

    It's a cool night, we're going for a walk, we're talking. We stroll through the park and she suddenly grabs my hand, keeps walking, but looks at me.

    Madison: Why are you so interested in such an average girl?
    Andrew: Average?

    I gently push her against a wall as we pass by it and press myself against her, look her in the eyes and say softly..

    Andrew: You're not the girl of my dreams, but...that's because I've never dreamt of anything so perfect..

    She bites her lip briefly and then..I kiss her.

    I'm Romeo, whateva'. Ain't no thang, no big deal, chu' know.

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