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    mruss1 New Member

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    My Life seems Much like...........

    My life seems much like,a leaf in the wind.
    Not knowing where I'll blow to,I just see where I've been.
    Is this the end,or a place to begin?
    Sinking down deeper,in a sea of sin................
    My life seems much like,a ball in the tide.
    Getting drawn out further,no matter what I try.
    As the sun sinks down low,the day just goes by.
    Not all that certain,should I sell or should I buy?
    My life seems much like,the calm before the storm.
    Winter is upon me,I need to stay warm.........
    What happens next,is anyone's guess.
    I lay my head down,in need of a rest.
    My life seems much like,a vanishing act.
    One moment it's here,the next,where's it at?
    Memories fade,as time marches on.
    So much I had,but now it's all gone.
    My life seems much like,the coming of light.
    Just barely escaping,the darkness of night.
    But with the light comes the promise,it's maybe okay?
    Then it slowly fades,into just another day.........
    The wind picks up slowly,then I'm drifting again.
    Just like before,beginning to end.........
    As the wind blows harder,it closes a door.
    I find myself back,where I was before..............

    Posted By mruss1 | Feb 14, 2008

    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wolf Creek, Oregon
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    I really LOVED this poem Mark!

    The way you wrote in metaphors, was very unique and inviting.

    I just had to re-read it over and over. It's really really good Mark!

    Thanks for sharing!

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