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  1. Artistic

    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Little Brown Girls

    Flow with me,
    hear Queen’s spoken words of poetry,
    about little brown girls',
    journey from tragedy to spirituality.

    Must love thyself unconditionally,
    misty mirrors foresee,
    chocolate candy sisters,
    amour propre, yet lonely.

    Witness illusive vanilla images,
    exquisite nappy hair,
    adorned with caramelized sugar skin,
    they envy.

    Some little brown girls, walk straight lines,
    with crooked shoes,
    fitted for a junkie,
    bare brown feet decorate a gurney.
    enslaved by euphoria induced consequences,
    of ganja and cocoa leaves,
    tainted dreams, tears savor salty,__and all of twenty.

    Little brown girls hear her bawdry words,
    of what misty mirrors foresee,
    love has no boundary when testing the sea,
    naive appetite copious,
    not choosy.

    HIV, maybe a baby,
    possible life changes, taken vaguely,
    little brown girl's search for love,
    was practiced dangerously,
    she didn’t ask any of them, if germfree.

    He said little brown girl was fine and sexy,
    beautiful words to a little brown girl,
    who is looking for any kind of love,
    not a love that is deserving,
    Dang!, Little brown girl said,
    "He looks to good, to be sickly".

    He said he was freaky,
    said, no love here, because this [Censored] is free,
    as he [Censored] her with his goatee,
    about a minute, got in it, was over quickly.

    He didn’t look in her eyes to see,
    her love ripped painstakingly.
    said he didn’t love her,
    said he had more p*ssy to sightsee.

    Why? Little brown girl’s love wasn’t stingy,
    made her crazy…..that his love was,
    only applied superficially,
    am I not shapely_____enough,
    missed meals chasin’ lily model stereotype beauty.

    Misty mirror speaks wisdom loudly,
    reflects back, her hair beautifully bushy,
    blood purged,
    no longer dirty,
    pumps softly in every capillary.

    Soul thirsts whispers from pedigree,
    little brown girl’s body metamorphosed from HIV,
    her intellect says study; maybe write a thesis,
    for a degree.

    Eventually….. her diary unfolds a story,
    of a little brown girl’s life worth living,
    education replenished, not from strangers,
    but from loving family members,
    who never stopped looking,
    for their little brown girl,
    faces reality of a positive result____yet surviving.

    From African desert painted women in her family,
    from every shade of wisdom…..breathtaking.

    Little brown woman, now as strong as the Sequoia,
    makes loves that tastes of honey and myrrh,
    know thyself is a gift given preciously,
    not to a false image,
    but created in the image of Adam’s Eve.

    Misty mirror teaches Queen Sheba’s lesson clearly,
    spoken words of little brown girls' memories.

    Much Luv'~*PaintedDiary~* :read:

    Jus_Be_U Jus_Tryn_2_Be

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    First off...that was a great piece...very powerful...very relevant to what is going on with a lot of misguided, young women...very deep and powerful message...i thoroughly enjoyed this piece...keep writing and spitting the truth...

    Posted By Jus_Be_U | Jun 27, 2006

    DstngustPoet The Architect

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    South Carolina
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    Yo Ms Painted, that was hot! I REALLY enjoyed reading that as that was so close to the Queen's original poem! I am going to print me a copy of this and show this to a few female friends of mine who need to read this! This was indeed powerful and spoke much truth! You did Queen Sheba proud with this one. Much love!!
  2. Lurking

    MsJacquiiC Poetica Magnifique

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    In a cloud of smoke...
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    Hey MS PAINTED - I was like How on earth did I miss this piece??? But I've read it before - over on Mr. Africa's board - never got around to commenting on it though - I like this piece - It is the piece that you have also in the critique forum right? Definitely loving the style!

    I'm looking forward for the 1st revision :yes:


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Jul 31, 2006

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