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    My Tribute to Michael Jackson
    By Stephanie Storey-Morant

    I almost cried when I heard you died
    Because so much of you lives on the inside
    Without you here Michael what will I do?
    “It’s the Falling in Love,” that carries me through.

    You were a Thriller, and that’s a fact
    I can’t lie, Michael, “I want you Back”
    Because you were one person who will not be defeated
    What you’ve done for Music, no one can “Beat It.”

    Yes, you’ll be remembered for your dance moves and songs
    Why didn’t “Billy Jean” just leave you alone?
    Because I was your “Girlfriend” way back when
    And our friendship will never end.

    If you were here today,
    I would “Rock with You”
    I “Wanna Be Starting Something”
    Yes this is true

    Michael Jackson, You were “Off the Wall”
    Because nothing you done was ever small.
    Your legacy to life will always remain
    Michael Jackson is a household name

    All of my friends knew what you meant to me
    Because I learned your songs like the ABC’s
    Michael you were Dangerous, and simply great
    So all over the world we now celebrate

    Because you stamped our hearts and minds with Love
    And we’ll never forget the glittered white glove
    Or the moonwalk, “I can’t help it”
    Michael Jackson, you’re as good as it gets

    I could never name all of your deeds
    But you taught many that you can succeed
    “Don’t stop til you get enough” surely describes you
    And those to follow want to be Michael too

    “The way you make me feel” is certainly wild
    Because you “BEN” “BAD” since your were a child
    Not many artists can walk in your shoes
    So I was devastated when I got the news

    But I got up, because I had to “Jam”
    For you Michael, that’s just how I am
    I’m inspired by your “Human Nature” and taste
    And I’m “Speechless” when you swivel your waist

    You were one “Smooth Criminal” M J
    “I can’t stop Loving you,” is what I’m trying to say
    No, for you I didn’t cry.
    I had to “Keep the Faith” it was a lie

    Where would I be, if you were gone?
    I could “Scream” but I’m not alone
    Because I can agree, and you were right
    It doesn’t matter if you’re “Black or White.”

    Because you were loved by every boy and girl
    And Michael you strived to “Heal the World.”
    But some wanted to find fault in you
    Just “Leave me Alone” back then rang true

    For that “Man in the Mirror” was in a bad place
    I “Remember the Time” and the look on your face
    Then I didn’t know how to feel
    What they were saying couldn’t be real

    At least deep down I hoped they were wrong
    And Today “You are not Alone”
    Take it from this “PYT”
    We could never destroy your legacy.

    You continued on even after the “Carousel” ride
    When people wanted to get inside
    They wanted to destroy Neverland
    But this “Lady in Your Life” understands

    They couldn’t believe in what they couldn’t see
    And you even asked “Why you wanna trip on me?”
    “In the closet” you went cause you had no fight
    Because they had you “Working day and Night”

    Trying to see what you were about
    They tried to “Burn this disco out.”
    But your light lives on for all to see
    So Michael, please “Smile” for me

    Yes the “Jam” goes on so rest in Peace
    I’ll make sure the music never ceases
    Within my heart and spirit too
    “Gone Too Soon,” now describes you

    Rest Now Michael and take Joy in knowing
    We are embracing your home going
    It took us by surprise but we’ll be ok
    You’re free now Michael, “Fly Away.”


    Posted By Poeticgmama | Jul 6, 2011

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