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    • Tagline:
      No dress code required
    • Plot Synopsis:
      This whimsical Off-Broadway hit musical is aptly reworked and transferred to the screen. The self-descriptively titled Naked Boys Singing is a musical revue of songs that poke fun at gay life, body image, love, loss and yearning.
    • Plot Keywords:
      Male Frontal Nudity / Homosexual / Based On Musical / Gay Interest / Independent Film
    • Cast
      Andrew Blake Ames ... Performer
      Jason Currie ... Performer
      Marlene Fisher ... Answering Machine Voice
      Jaymes Hodges ... Performer
      Joseph Keane ... Performer
      Anthony Manough ... Performer
      Joe Souza ... Performer
      Kevin Alexander Stea ... Performer
      Phong Truong ... Performer (as Ethan Le Phong)
      Salvatore Vassallo ... Performer
      Vincent Zamora ... Performer

    I simply love the fact that these gentlemen have thrown away their timidity and shyness and have shunned their inhibitions.
    Jacquii's Review

    I saw this musical the other day... I didn't know what exactly I was in for, but the title Naked Boys Singing definitely piqued my curiosity and my interest. I'm a fan of the musical genre, so I'm definitely used to directors, producers and the acting crew introducing novel concepts whilst pushing buttons - but what I saw in this video/play/adaptation really blew me away.

    From the onset of the video the cast gives the audience a gentle (yet strong) peek into who they are as individuals, as well as a foreshadowing of what we can expect during the Naked Boys Singing show.... Gratuitous Nudity is the name of the opening tune - It's quite a catchy tune actually, but simply hilarious lyrics.

    There are numerous such catchy broadway tunes throughout the show, with lyrics equally giggleable. And to top it off - we are treated to some of the most spectacularly beautiful male figures I've perchance to see in a long time.

    I simply love the fact that these gentlemen have thrown away their timidity and shyness and have shunned their inhibitions. They have open wide the doors of demure descretion and given us a peek into the often taboo male side of sexuality. But what's most interesting? The show is not particularly a "sexy" type show. There is of course allusions to sex; There are many many laughs, a bit of sensuality, some fabulous dancing and choreography as well. Mostly though Naked Boys Singing tackles the issues and double standards which seem to have plagued Western society, making the penis simply a body part, as opposed to being an object of shame.

    I liked this show very much even though the content is rather kitschy and predictable. The topic as a whole does well to bring down the "sexual" double standards and shame often associated with the penis. The cast looks like they had an extremely lovely time doing their rolls and singing their songs and dancing their dance, tapping into the history books with a brandnew take on full-frontal male nudity. You can especially see this in the clip below aptly entitled Jack's Song :D

    4 of 5 Stars.
    Jacquii Cooke

    Enjoy The Show

    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Dec 24, 2007

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