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    "I hope that one day I can reach his level." You don't, for that level is not your own.
    "I hope that one day I can move people as he has moved me." You don't, for that movement was yours to experience, not to give.
    "I hope that one day people admire me as they have him." You don't, for his admiration was his own to earn, not others' to bestow.
    Bring to this world your own poetry and style, for your words will linger for days and for miles.
    Bring to its people your own movement, for it will bring with it, improvement.
    Bring with you, admiration of all followers, for you will bring corporate monsters to shoe polishers.

    This is a world that I refuse to live in, a world that I can no longer withstand.
    I request that you aid us all with poetry and by taking my hand.
    We will bring justice to the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    And show that they were wrongfully struck down in the name of a myth
    No, we cannot put up with today's dilemmas any longer
    No, I will not allow this world to weaken me, but poetry to make me stronger.
    I request that you express your own views, for we are all ears.
    Even those who socialize at pubs and clink the bottles of beers
    For we all have something to say and a way to say it
    I care not for the powerful tower's broken records that replay shit
    So I say to the man in his leather throne on a tripod of wheels
    That "his" people will never kill for anything less than a meal
    And that we are sickened by that having to be the case
    That people must kill their own kin to keep meat on their face
    And we say, "FUCK YOU" to power and "THANK GOD for insurrection"
    Because we know of no facilities that will bring to us correction
    So look into the eyes of your own reflection
    And tell us what you see
    Is it a man of right or wrong?
    Or a man who has lost in what he believes?

    no title, no gimmicks

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