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  1. Malnourished

    Ariono-jovan Labu Member

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    land of exiles
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    At 17 calls himself dinosaur; a rare breed.
    Charcoal hoodie
    head covered an orange bandito- style T- shirt
    to tame his bronze- dyed Rasta dreads.
    Bloodshot- cannibalistic eyes
    took a long swig his syrup
    (Robitussin chased with Hennessey)
    cigarro filled sugar- frosted broccoli advertised
    in his left ear. Creased black 501's hanging
    half off his ass & matching Jordan's.
    Pulled a swollen wad from his pocket,
    had to easily be 5 grand, pilled 20 & sent
    some dope fiend off to fetch him a catfish plate
    extra side of greens, red beans/ rice
    from DD's soul shack.

    "It's done got ugly as Baghdad out
    here in the jungles family. I mean
    American Gangsta
    without scripts & actors! But I'm getting it-
    getting in where I fit in, ya dig?."

    Lifting the tail of his hoodie had
    2 automatic glocks burrowed the waistline.
    Said how he'd been making good on his own
    since last i saw him. Vowed he'd never go
    starving again slanging that 80 percent pura
    with only a pinch of baking soda. How his bro
    got mowed down by choppers on the block,
    stapled more holes than Swiss cheese
    the previous year in a drive- by. Wanted to
    convince me he was immune to pain-
    pointed out scars etched his face, how he'd been
    shot 3 times, stabbed & pounded mercilessly a
    wooden Louisville Slugger. How he'd made
    an oath to stacking paper, living life in 6th gear
    always a few degrees shy the mortuary.

    Promised me what happened on the block
    last night on 19th & Randolph near
    the corner Arabian liquor bank
    wasn't some accidental street skirmish, wasn't no
    dope deal gone bad like reported
    the channel 7 evening news. That some j- cat
    from the other- side got caught
    spray painting over names the bricked wall
    of dead homies. How the young savages beat dude
    into a lump of pulp, a coma. That dude had to
    be airlifted to USF Medical on life support.
    Giggled at the mention of how dude's pockets
    were turned inside- out, how they branded
    "L- MOB" across his chest with a lighter flame,
    drenched him in mucus & urine.

    But i remember when lil Julio wasn't so tough-
    was that ashy elbowed & kneed
    nappy- head, snotty- noised runt
    panhandling in front of Safeway. Washing windows
    with Windex & newsprint, pumping gas
    for change at Chevron. Well before the mouth
    of metallic teeth, ice & platinum charms
    decorating his fingers/ wrists & neck.
    Before the ol' school candy- cocaine 69' Cougar
    on 24' inch chrome spinning rims. Before his
    momma passed from a heroine overdose.
    Before the brief stints in Juvenile Hall when
    his hobby involved hotwiring, jacking cars,
    or he was on the run like a fugitive from
    orphanages, foster homes, boot & fire camps.

    i wanted to tell Julio dude died early
    that morning but knew it wouldn't have moved
    him into remorse. Knew he wouldn't have displayed
    an ounce of pity playing stone tough. Julio was
    a "Nobodies Kid" who had lost any connection
    the civilized world. There was no sense of logic,
    no need for reason in his demented mind. No morals
    to debate his daily activities, question his conscience.
    No God to disobey, to answer to. The perfect model
    of contemporary Darwinism theory; a primate
    with an amazing adaptation for survival. Another
    spiritually bankrupt- byproduct a luvless/ filthy &
    sinister environment. Though still don't buy
    he isn't sensitive to pain or grief, i do believe he
    ain't the slightest scared of death.

    erikestabrook JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Ariono this was perfect in theme and metaphors,
    a ganbanger story, so eloquently worded,
    I'll review the rest of your poems as they'll be a treat
    a lil latter this one was very cool, every word

    Benny New Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
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    Western Kentucky
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    Extremely well written! Tough watching listless eyes and empty hearts become their own god within a tinfoil world...very well done, my friend.

    Posted By Benny | Dec 22, 2007

    zaac Banned

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    Oct 31, 2006
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    this reads a little like sista souljahs stuff. write on


    Posted By zaac | Dec 23, 2007

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