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    sagesweetwater Lesbian Novelist

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    the wind uncovered the
    Indian fire rings...Sloane met
    Woman of Medano Creek, apple,
    Beatles white on the inside, Rita Coolidge
    red on the outside,

    two soft females grating
    their sex into the night like
    two ponderosa pines rubbing
    together, Woman of Medano Creek
    and Sloane, their curvy silhouettes falling
    onto the fabric of my tent, Norwegian Wood,
    I rubbed my ruged knob, the raven's distant cry
    only heightened the sense of climax, Shawnee women
    have their own notions of prosperity and sexual freedom,

    Woman of Medano Creek
    and Sloane exemplified me to
    a challenge, I kind of like that because
    the voyeur surfaced in me and their currents
    of lovemaking allowed me to pull myself off at
    the pace of a museum stroll, stimulating me, tempting
    my exertion, coming hard, knowledge to me is the Rocky
    Mountain's greatest gift,

    oblivious, I stepped from my tent,
    the mirage teasing me with lustful visions,
    I tipped my jerrican and doused myself with
    cold water, the Indian fire rings now circled with
    charcoal and bones,

    in reality, there is no
    reason not to believe I,
    Sloane, did not fuck Woman
    of Medano Creek last eve, remnants
    of her tent stakes daring me to find my
    way down into the canyon,

    I, Sloane, put my
    canoe into the water
    and joined the Colorado
    at the confluence, Norwegian
    Wood, paddled into late afternoon,
    a woman's shadow lengthened, the canyon
    rim flared red, then lavender, a woman motioning
    to me from atop Temptation Stone guided my heat,
    standing at the foot of her bedroll, her tent stakes daring
    me to find my way down, I kissed her ruged knob jumping
    flames from her charcoal softness below her navel fire ring,
    Woman of Medano Creek said, "the ore ran out at the turn
    of the century, I saved you a nugget, Sloane..."

    Copyright 2006 Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist, brainchild of Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties
    http://home.earthlink.net/~sagesweetwater/flagship of Stone Creek Woman



    Jeez Banned

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Didn't know before
    that anybody could
    get as worked up until
    you started:

    ""teasing me with lustful

    Which brought out:
    ""the voyeur surfaced in

    of peeken into your
    writes as if a window.

    Thanks for leaveing the
    curtians open just a crack
    to view out your window.

    Great music and write
    Thanks Again Sage.

    How did you get your name
    in this colour??

    Posted By Jeez | Oct 10, 2006

    sagesweetwater Lesbian Novelist

    Member Since:
    Jul 24, 2006
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    Hi Jeez,

    Thank you for stopping by, I think I saw you yesterday atop a rock on another site of mine, you're a valued fan and friend and I cherish you. Yes, Sweetwater gold washes the centuries with lustful voyeurism. I'll leave the curtain open a peak...feel free to look anytime....I'm the one with large twin peaks and the jerrican dousing my nugget with cold water...

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Hey Lavender!!!

    Ms Lavender...I have never in my life seen any kind of writing as yours! So original, unique, and so.....sexy!!
    LOL!!!! I am not going to lie, that music set me right on the trail for Medano Creek, LOL!!!!! I feel enchanted reading your poetry, like there is a spell, or I am simply memorized. The lesson, the story, the music, the history, the language, the ....ok.....even the women are awesome! As I have said before Ms Lavender, reading your work is such a treat...like OK, here is another Ms Sage write...I must sit down, get comfy, and please do not bother me! lol I am completely speechless with this. Simply a masterpeice....is all I can say. Keep'm comin' Ms Lavender!! Thank you for sharing. Luv Ya'. Take Care!

    Painted:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

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