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    aliss163 New Member

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    As the days passed by slowly
    And the weeks crept by
    I found myself obsessing
    About ways I could die
    I though about the drugs and pills
    I though about the guns
    I though about the bridge
    I though about the noose
    As I though of more and more
    I came to realize
    If I had to think this hard
    Someone must not want this to happen
    I don’t know who that someone was
    I just know that someone cared
    I think and think
    How stupid was that thought
    I didn’t want to die
    I didn’t want to hurt those that love me
    Even if it’s only a few
    I want to be remembered while I am alive
    I think about ways to be remembered
    I want to make a difference
    In another teenagers life
    I want to tell them
    That they’re not alone
    If you need to talk
    I am here
    Email me
    Please don’t hurt yourself or anyone else
    You’re not alone
    I am the someone who keeps you alive
    And I am the someone who cares about you

    Posted By aliss163 | Sep 4, 2007

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    nomadicrhymer JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Alissa...even though you may not have gotten a reply elsewhere, I have to say that it may have still helped some...you know many people are in such pain that they can't verbalize it, but still manage to read and take away something from the reading. I believe we all write for a reason, and much of it is to help others, even as we are helped when we read other works that hit home, or just seemed to be what we needed.

    So never feel bad that there isn't a reply! Your part is done with the posting...and thank you for posting...this is such a heart-wrenching piece, and one with a happy ending, thank goodness...I feel that if there is even one person in the world who loves me, that I have a responsibility to that person to just be alive...as much as I can be...until God decides to take me home...because when we cut our lives short we steal happiness from others....there always is a reason for living...even though we cannot see it at the moment because of allowing our feelings to get the better of us...

    I didn’t want to hurt those that love me
    Even if it’s only a few

    Excellent post!


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