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    seshendrasharma New Member

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    When ever the season of spring comes
    crowds of poets in the sub-continent
    gather truck-loads of mango-groves and cuckoos and
    cram them into their pages-
    My experience is another
    Did you ever see the cycle of time?
    See! I will show the sequence.

    The wind entered the branch;
    a rain of old leaves fell on the earth-
    then sitting on the naked branch the cuckoo sang-

    The branch beamed with new leaves
    it is the neem tree in the front yard of my house
    it saw me and laughed-

    Then on its branches fell a rain of stars
    I ran to catch some of those stars-
    they are not the twinkling stars of the sky.
    Their fragrance unparalleled
    by that of any flower in creation-
    The lavishness of the scent of the new flowers
    intoxicated me-
    My thoughts got vanquished.
    I stood like an innocent boy
    before the neem tree.

    I too grew little little branches
    with twinkling star like flowers on them.
    Then the neem tree took me into its arms-

    If experience is a reality
    for the deity of illusion
    then dream is its temple-

    the monks say that
    illusion and reality are different-
    is it true?
    Is metaphor an illusion?
    Think, think and think ......
    -Seshendra Sharma

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