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Discussion in 'Emotional Romantic' started by TrueBlue, Sep 27, 2006.

    TrueBlue New Member

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    Jul 15, 2006
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    Ode To Gina, by Paul Dwyer

    She is my princess
    And she is my darling
    I want her to be
    My near thing
    Not my so very
    Afar thing
    Ah oh well
    Yes I still love today

    And now I see
    Mutuality really exists
    I start to feel
    In this heart
    Hope again insists
    Telling me
    That yes I have been given another day
    Another month another year
    For realisticaly the facts to start here
    For my trust to fully be

    What are the facts I am seeing?
    The facts? They are the feeling
    That of the sweetest anticipation
    -- That of my love's allure
    And in her love I shall not fear
    Fate's hand of dealing (and not of recreation)
    When we share our souls like this
    We are building something that time
    Never may tear
    Of this I am sure

    And she is a love so pretty and she's so fine
    A real fairytale maiden
    She is kind and loving -- the best love of mine
    Yet she doesn't see what I see in her true
    She is my Earthly Eden
    She does not see that her soul is of such beauty
    That with her of children I would wish a multitude
    A safe and happy home
    A lifetime of sacred devotion and of duty
    And my goddess' exhaltitude
    How shall I win her eternal love
    And not watch her embrace anymore elude?
    Is there somewhere a magic potion?
    Some spell that will carry her to me
    Across all of that majestic ocean?
    And rid me a lifetime of wanton solitude

    But in earnest truth
    I want to win her fairly
    I want to deserve her love
    And such a pair we will be
    And in death angels in flight so high above
    For our love has come to us purely

    She is my muse, she desires my spoken words of the gods and of love and romance
    She is not so jaded, and is quite so tolerant
    Of all of my failings and all of my devoted endowments
    For I am enchanted
    Were it so that things were my way
    I would have her favor, and have her heart
    And I would have her love right here with me today
    To sing odes and play ballads
    Of the divinest sort
    And even if I ever somehow picked up left and travelled much away
    I would always return in my ship to my home
    Wherever is her port

    This I sincerely pray

    Posted By TrueBlue | Sep 27, 2006

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Dear True,

    I cannot believe that I missed this!! I am just completely and utterly astonished of the outstanding way you scribe poetry fitted for a category all its own! I have never seen anything like your style for LOVE. I am speechless. I have always been a fan, and you never disappoint my muse. LOVED IT!!!!!! Brilliant dear poet.....brilliant!!!!!!!

  2. Cool

    nomadicrhymer JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    Hi True - this poem reminds me of a Shakespearean sonnet - an ode to love - I could feel the atmosphere of castles and ladies & knights declaring their undying love.

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