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    AshleyB527 New Member

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    Apr 10, 2007
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    I cried
    On the Inside.
    Hid tears behind eyes
    That appeared so dry.
    My pride was such
    A good disguise.

    I died
    On the Inside.
    My spirit fell
    From it's sullen shell.
    Still no one could tell
    That I was burning in hell.

    I was angry
    On the Inside.
    I'd scream so loud
    It would knock me down.
    Still no one else
    Could hear a sound.

    I was sad
    On the inside.
    My heart turned blue,
    Then it broke in two.
    Still a smile shined through,
    And nobody knew...

    ...That I missed you
    On the Inside.
    Feelings so strong,
    That didn't belong.
    I knew they were wrong,
    So I'd pretend they were gone.

    But now I'm ready
    On the Inside,
    To take this drought,
    And pour it out.
    Everyone is about
    To hear me shout...

    ...That I love you
    On the Inside.
    I cannot stray
    My heart away
    For another day.
    I hope that you'll say
    That you love me
    On the Inside.

    Posted By AshleyB527 | Apr 11, 2007

  1. Malnourished

    Ariono-jovan Labu Member

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    land of exiles
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    yeah, luv gotta be manifested for one & of one consisting the inside first. i could relate & would claim to be a strong advocate. seemed as if you had fun with this. enjoyed the rhythm & rhyme format. especially was diggin this passage your conclusion,

    "I hope that you'll say
    That you love me
    On the Inside."

    keep painting artist.

    Jeez Banned

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Ashley ...,

    Know these feelings
    the way they rumble
    around inside ya...

    the way ya wonder
    when will they ever
    feel the way they
    did... before.

    Your write brought
    out thoes thoughts
    to be...

    reviewed, rethought,
    shook about...

    to wonder some more

    of... is it time.

    She hasn't ever left
    the inside... it's...

    could the outside ever
    know her that intensely
    again, that is the

    Great write...

    Thanks for the read.:rounddance:

    Posted By Jeez | Apr 12, 2007

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