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    TrueBlue New Member

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    Jul 15, 2006
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    These lines I sing myself these days
    Quite often
    A hymn of spiritual love
    Quite regularly
    Your beauty I praise
    I sing a song of we

    No need to know anything
    No need of a reason to be
    The quiet of solitude shall beautify you
    When you know that we are only forms
    With faith in the message of the Lord crucified
    An oath once fulfilled
    As onto the next life we are made to be, we are shorn
    Or of your shining smile
    Of stardust long ago whispered into being, we are
    A story, truly, to see!!!

    Though they may call me a liar fortune teller, or crazy gypsy soul
    All hate will die, my enemies, I warn
    And pray for the dead, and for the hating hated forlorn
    God is in all of us
    And will reach the depths of our souls
    And persuede us one day
    As is His goal
    With the shining light, our hands, hearts and eyes are made of
    We would surely wish to give our love to you
    As your love encircles me, Gina, I a spy of God's hand
    I drink the pure wine of the truest love, reborn
    And love the land
    Thus, I am
    Dying shall dying-ness be!
    On the light travelling is the absolute truth known
    I cannot comprehend
    Life rectified, I pray, in the spirit world, completely grown
    Where, as angels, high, we will play
    One day, and one day more
    This life is both trial and gift, I see

    Like unknown silohuetes breathed into the seed of life, by God
    We are the promise and the intention
    We are the stars' melody realized
    Come, Love, and dance with me
    Celebrate the dying winter, and blooming spring's invention
    Of all that has come our way, and all that yet will be
    With spiritual joy and teary eyes
    Let's jump naked and swim in a lake
    This life is both beauty and horror to see
    Let us be!!!

    Our ancestral forms, we quietly remember
    Uncertain of all we are, and of the future, and the message sender
    This life's progression too oft' a truth we are overwhelmed to see
    So unsure
    When will we be brave and learn to love our enemies, and , friends, be?
    When will the lover's heart, learn to see all that is holy ... and glorify?

    Watch that sunset and learn to be again
    Please, dear
    With me
    Let us lay down in the grass
    And repeat our love again
    There's something in listening to the wind
    Or basking in the unfathomable sea
    Beyond the evil in men's hearts
    The present moment
    Loving the leaves on a tree
    And believing we are now once again free
    I get lost in you ... will you be lost in me?
    I profess my love to you, Dear,
    I profess my love, honest and vehemently
    You give a sappy romantic such richness to truly love
    And only be in love with

    And when I see you now, sweetheart
    Tranquil, my sun, among worlds and starry seas
    My sweet love
    In such magna-glory
    With that light bleeting song
    I know we know not who we are
    But, my lover, I give myself, I give my hand to thee

    Serene are your eyes, you comfort my drear gloomy heart
    Beyond seduction
    You reach to hold my cold hands, and embrace me
    You bring my doubt and confusion
    Back to real innocence, to goodness, and to love
    Back to Love's home, where I should stay, live, and be forever

    Your honorable dream, your subtle loving courage
    You are strong, you are like magic
    Your love
    And the unknown powers to me
    To me you are all of the meaning I need
    In this world, convinced
    And yet we know not who we are
    We know not who we are
    We know not who we are!!
    O -- but we are I N L O V E !!!

    Gina, my sweetest lover, I see your reflection in a teardrop
    I love you while walking the rain
    I profess my love of you
    To the thunder and lightening
    And in my beating heart you shall always remain
    I wish to be near you
    When I miss you, I can only endure the pain

    And in the wind of changing I begin to learn your ways
    And I show you mine
    I want to hold you, warm against my chest
    And kiss with a kiss that lasts forever
    Just, as you, so sublime!!!
    You, I desire to caress so!

    When I dream I see, your love is the one
    The one rose that never dies
    You and I one -- God never shall forget
    Are the makings and the making of love
    The soul you share with me, most high
    My love He is always proud of
    More than a invisible childhood friend
    You are my love come to be
    As my youth has come to peak
    This life together is all about us
    I listen to hear the creator speak

    And, underneath it all, these lines I sing, I sing
    O, these lines, I dearly sing!
    No need to know anything
    No need of a reason to be
    I want only to love you close
    And hear your voice sweetly say
    Within the light you and I will always be
    In an eternal love
    Though we would be as ghost
    Rememberance's heart never dies

    And you bring my heart to truth
    When you bring my love to reality
    I sing a song of us, together
    I never want to be lost, I never want to be a refugee of your love
    I, a minstrel, I try to make love my speciality
    More than war,
    O, I sing a song of we!!!

    O, my dear heart,
    Gina, do you hear me now? O, do you love me so?!!

    Posted By TrueBlue | Mar 11, 2007

    erikestabrook JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    this I feel unworthy to comment to it was very great, so many things captured parts were of Shakesperian quality lovely
  1. Cool

    nomadicrhymer JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    Claremont, CA
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    Pablo! this is indeed an epic ode to love...all the more sweeter when it's to your own love. Bravo! I love the twists and turns and the soft, tender moments encountered....:girltender:

  2. Artistic

    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Dear True,

    A classic, and is quite memorable, soooooooo I brought it back for all to enjoy.


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