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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by FeatherDude, Jan 24, 2013.

    FeatherDude New Member

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    Based on The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe

    Looking back on my career now faded, my life unfulfilled and jaded,
    Over many amiable and decadent years, admirable and scandalous -
    Aimless, Frustrated, Inadequate, Destitute -
    As of someone wandering, wandering without focus.
    “’ Tis good enough,” I muttered , “vocation with a simple purpose -
    Ill satisfying, but laborious.”

    My memories are reeking, my mind they are wrecking,
    And each separate memory wrought its ghost, obscene and treacherous -
    Baseness, Depravity, Improbity, Turpitude -
    From magazine’s & video’s of fascination - obsession for the indecorous -
    For the rare and wanton maiden whom the magazines & video’s portray as libidinous -
    And ever more licentious.

    And in my mind, partisans weighed and inveighed,
    A league particular and vociferous; A cabal discrete and clamorous -
    Integrity, morality, decency, rectitude -
    The excusably reckless, yet legitimately scrupulous -
    The reasonably impetuous, yet acceptably assiduous -
    And ever the righteous.

    And my soul grew weaker; my future grew bleaker,
    My obsession became mania and ever more salacious; -
    Disassociate, Distance, Extricate, Aloof -
    And so faintly they came tapping, tapping at my conscious,
    That I scarcely noticed - here I existed in denial, oblivious; -
    Darkness there, familiar and nefarious.

    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there fascinated, leering,
    Dissipated, dreaming dreams carnal and outrageous; -
    Friend, Ally, Shrewd, Astute -
    And the only words there spoken were ordinary and vacuous;
    This I mimicked, and an echo murmured back the word, “pusillanimous!”-
    Merely this, obtuse and perspicacious.

    Back into my refuge turning, my soul within me degenerating, burning,
    Soon again I heard a tapping, marginal and conspicuous. -
    Quiet, Allay, Quell, Verisimilitude -
    What could this patter be, witting & ambiguous?
    How could this chatter be, benign & contemptuous?
    “‘Tis only the wind, somber and tremulous.”

    Here I closed the shutter, with no one else to utter
    Words of attention, noteworthy or pernicious; -
    Admission, Disclosure, Empathy, Resolute -
    And with mien of lord and peer, they adhere, compliant and specious;
    Perched upon a recliner, artless and disingenuous;
    Perched and said nothing revealing or circuitous.

    Illustrations lewd & alluring, beguiling my miserable self into whiling,
    Despite my countenance, unfazed and serious. -
    Remote, Isolation, Withdrawal, Solitude -
    Ghastly feeble and prurient craven wandering, undeterred and nervous -
    Plying my career, independent and obsequious.
    Quoth the craven, “I am Impervious”.

    And disconcerted was I as this ungainly coward, declaring so plainly,
    Since this answer bore little veracity; delusional & timorous; -
    Debauched, Depraved, Debased, Dissolute -
    And yet was blest with privileged employment, though insipid & innocuous -
    With accompanying coworkers, settling & ominous,
    With such belief as, “I am Impervious”.

    And I as craven, working, toiling lonely on the slog, spoke only
    That one statement, as if that would be sufficient, though reticent & spurious -
    Buoy, Buttress, Mentor, Moot -
    Eventually I scarcely more than muttered; responsive & factitious -
    “On the morrow antipathy will leave me”; fanciful & dubious.
    Then I said, “I am vigorous.”

    Startled at the quandary broken by assertion so quaveringly spoken,
    Said they, “What I utter is unreliable and could be duplicitous.” -
    Confidence, Mettle, Will, Fortitude -
    Followed fast by indifference and insolence; my speech becoming dithering & frivolous -
    Till the vestiges of my Hope became vain & preposterous.
    Still I held to my conviction, “I am Impervious.”

    But the pornography still beguiling all my fancy into whiling,
    Faithfully, submissively, I rejoined my obsession, enthralled and zealous; -
    Bristle, Incense, Seethe, Fume -
    Fancy into fancy, unthinking onto thinking, debauched & delirious -
    What then this grim, ungainly, ghastly, and gamy profligate of ill-status
    Meant in creaking, “I am Impervious.”

    Blithely uttering natters, avoiding, ignoring pertinent matters -
    Divining the acceptable from the forbidden, the permissible from the unscrupulous; -
    Guarded, Obligatory, Patronize, Platitude -
    In the company of friends and associates, attentive & supercilious;
    Of the company of friends and associates, friendly & inauspicious.
    And none the less traitorous.

    Then I thought the air grew denser, permeated by an unseen sensor
    Instigated by Foe’s, embodied by Spies, whose presence remained transparent & nebulous. -
    Rift, Separation, Ostracize, Exclude -
    Deliverance or respite, from this specter, unfathomable & onerous!
    Quaff what nepenthe, prosaic or degenerate, palliative or miraculous?
    Quoth the specter, “On you lies the onus.”

    “Scourge!”, I say, “malignant, repellent, & daunting! - malevolent, abhorrent, & scowling!”
    Whether temper sent or tempest tossed, my Privacy’s gleaning & revealing, material & advantageous,
    Familiar, Intervention, Vigilant, Preclude -
    On my home by obsession haunted - tell me truly, why do you glower, repulsive & odious? -
    Only detached significant others in my midst - family & friends, innocent or insidious!
    Quoth the Scourge, “You are potentially a disservice.”

    “Nemesis!”, I say, “compromising, compounding evil! - leaking, aggravating devil!
    By Shadow into shadow - by crusader into stealth, circumspect & disastrous -
    Detachment, Deception, Dissimulation, Subterfuge -
    Pilloried by a new & unacquainted league, furtive & invidious -
    Subsumed by familiar cohorts, reticent & ingenuous.
    Quoth the Shadow, “You are suspicious!”

    And by that sense our sign of parting, a dependant & enabling pseudo fellowship up starting -
    “Get thee back to your own familiar circle”, concurrent & autonomous -
    Indecisive, Uncertain, Vacillating, Irresolute -
    “Leave my loneliness unbroken! - quit the discernment of my realm, perverse & audacious!”
    Quoth the witness, “Take thy presence out of our company, and be disassociated from our status!
    We are pertinacious.”

    And my antagonists, never asserting, still elusive, still evasive
    Just within cognizance & without acknowledgement, forceful & gutless -
    Leeway, Marginal, Autonomy, Latitude -
    And the lamplight o’er them streaming, throws their shadow, benign & malicious;
    And my soul from out that shadow transmuted, wretched & inglorious
    And evermore shall I be haunted & opprobrious!

    Brad_Pitt New Member

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    Aug 7, 2013
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    nice effort...!
    from where you find it...?

    Posted By Brad_Pitt | Aug 7, 2013

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