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Discussion in 'Emotional Romantic' started by MDMH89, Mar 30, 2007.

    MDMH89 New Member

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    How many people notice
    how deep they cut
    the most beautiful apple.

    Thats a joke for the
    faint of heart.

    I'll admit it,
    I love destroying things
    that are beautiful.

    Or at least I must.

    Between the questions of
    what the hell are we doing here?
    what profound meaning,
    can you find in a turned back?

    I didn't realize
    how deeply I must
    have cut my apple.

    The one that I left
    at my side.

    So deep,
    that it didn't bleed.

    it was beyond
    showing it's pain.

    She likes to hide it,
    or maybe it's just not there.

    I contribute to the
    calloused layers of
    many a-broken

    I've authorized
    the building of the
    tallest walls,
    in many.

    I'm the invasion
    that inspired the building
    of the Great Wall
    of China.

    I just wish,
    I could burn her
    books too.

    I hide behind
    any rectifying chance
    when she asks me
    questions we both know
    the answer to.

    I guess I just want
    the apple to bleed a little
    when I cut into it.

    So then maybe,
    I can know how bad
    it might hurt.

    But a dam built
    in place of a burnt
    is hard for any man
    to conquer.

    So I'm left with two things.

    The answer:
    There is nothing profound in this.

    and the question:
    What the hell am I doing here

    I'm plagued by
    the little things.

    Like noticing how
    deep I cut an apple.

    Posted By MDMH89 | Mar 30, 2007

    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Oh the heart of the apple. Rather is bleeds or not when it is cut. It is like a living thing on the tree. We may never hear it cry when it is plucked. But I know it must, for it is alive.

    We do not hear a flower cry when it's broken from it's stem but it must, because it bleeds.

    Thanks for the masterpiece of thought.


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