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    MDMH89 New Member

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    So this is what
    one gets when
    they look for the
    easy way out;

    a cheerleader
    for a
    math teacher.

    I'm trapped
    like a legless
    cockroach in this
    bright room
    full of spirit.

    I really don't
    try to be like
    Pessimistic and all.
    Yet I'm force

    She offered jumping
    jacks to the class
    to wake them up.

    To stifle the vomit
    at hearing this
    I look at a
    wall of stars.
    Containing in their
    cute fluffy center
    the names of
    Amazing! Brilliant!
    Magnificent! Outstanding!
    so casually to be
    soon forgotten

    A star is a
    burning mass of
    coursing flames
    waiting to burn
    or implode
    leaving destruction
    in its own wake
    of glorious supernova.

    But those stars will
    just be torn off
    a wall and
    Little cut outs
    of card board
    couldn't stand up
    to the ever-searing

    I guess she's
    too naive to see
    this and takes
    power for granted.

    But what does
    she know.
    She condones the
    musically lacking
    uniformity of the
    popularity contest
    that is high pitched
    squeals and the
    reason for the fruitless
    erections of
    oh too many

    Than and she
    quotes comedians
    with a profound,
    "get er' done!"
    before we begin
    homework in class.

    I think to myself,
    something must
    have happened to
    her when she
    was younger.
    Something traumatic
    to justify this

    Yet my thoughts,
    like an underclass mens
    natural reaction
    to her peons,
    are fruitless.

    Then I turn and
    see a cheer wall
    with the names
    of her

    I figure thats
    a bit more

    Little cut outs
    of megaphones
    are easier to
    then wrongfully
    posted stars.

    megaphones don't
    mock power,
    they amplify
    and such is
    a bit
    more fitting.

    Giving someone
    a star is
    disrespectful and

    Then I look
    at the upside
    down clock on
    the wall behind me.

    I hope it's a
    profound statement
    and then,
    I realize
    it just fell off
    a nail and thus

    Call me Alice
    in wonderland
    but not
    Matt in
    math class.

    I focus on
    the clock and
    not the stars
    or megaphones
    on the walls.

    Be it mistake or
    I like the clock
    in that way.

    It makes me
    feel human.

    And I love
    not knowing why.

    Posted By MDMH89 | Dec 12, 2006

    Benny New Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
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    Western Kentucky
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    I'm thankful for cheerleaders and anyone willing to keep our minds off the morbid...I think I understand a teacher like that. A good way to look at life and to enter into it. This is a good work...artistic and direct...for me very visual at times. I like this!

    Posted By Benny | Dec 12, 2006

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