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    PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Random Thoughts

    This night I look to the west

    The rays of the sun descends

    As if into some soft substance

    Or place creating a painted sky

    A crescent moon shines above the horizon

    Like a curved thumb nail in the night sky

    The colors of darkness

    Are not present this night

    What will become of such a night

    The winds of change gust through the valleys

    The sky is clear this cold dark night

    This morning I look to the east

    The rays of the sunrise

    Creating a painted morning sky

    The crescent shaped moon, still clear

    As it was last night

    Colors of daylight budding

    Yellow to orange glow expanding to deep dark blue

    Space blue

    Silhouetted mountains

    Silhouetted palm trees

    Hugged by this graceful mood

    Morning star shines bright

    All is calm

    Surreal, beautiful, brisk and cold

    My mind is open not knowing what to write

    Caffeine flowing through my veins

    The thought of life’s torments subdue my mind

    The struggles I face in life

    The struggles we all face in life

    I know everyone has them!

    Wanting to write poetry is the center of my soul

    Only to break away from reality

    What does one do while the other sleeps

    My thoughts are still only random thoughts

    I think of this world as a world gone mad

    Time continues to move

    There’s no stopping time

    She awakens, it’s 6:00 am

    She smiles, saying thank you for last night

    Smiling thinking to myself, what did I do right

    My thoughts are still only random thoughts

    Her lips, the curve that runs down her back

    The seam that runs down the back of her stockings

    Stirs my imagination

    My thoughts are still only random thoughts

    What will become of our nation

    What are all these words I write

    Where do they come from

    Life is full of surprises

    One does not know what direction to go

    East, west, south or north

    The sound of broken glass falling on the floor

    My mind wanders with many thoughts

    Trying to think of what to write

    These are just words of random thoughts

    My mind is restless

    Thoughts of anger

    Thoughts of joy

    Thoughts of passion

    Thoughts of when she last looked into my eyes

    The smell of her perfume

    Is life real or is it just a random dream

    One day when I reawake, what will I see

    What we see in front of us

    Is it really what we see

    A tree, a bird, a rose

    The sunrise, the sunset

    Is it really everything were told it is

    The world is a culture of different skin color

    But were all just one race

    What’s the big deal about world culture

    Why does man separate himself

    From his own race, the color of another mans skin

    The love for one another should be like

    A glove of warmth on our hands

    These are just random thoughts

    By: Arthur Henn

    Moonchild Moon Goddess of Whispers

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Wow lots to ponder and take in with this one
    Art. I love the free flowing thoughts here.
    I think a lot of this myself from time to time.
    I love the beginning with the very visual images.
    On a whole this was beautifully written
    and I enjoyed immensely, thanks!
    Great write!

    Posted By Moonchild | Sep 4, 2007

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