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    jakeminick McGonagall's Ghost

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    I am not
    All of the sudden
    I am
    Always was
    And I know
    From the people
    I’ve hired
    How to push
    Those buttons
    I know how
    To pluck it
    But deep down
    I know
    It’s just fuck it
    Why the fuck
    Am I doing this?
    Because I have
    A deep need
    To be loved
    By emanating
    So I do the same
    To reactionary
    I know,
    I seem depressing
    And yes,
    I know
    There is
    Some form
    Of truth
    To enlist
    But, it seems
    Too destructive
    For me
    To approach it
    So I keep playing
    With reactionary folks
    In hopes
    That things
    Will just
    Work out
    For the chosen
    I know,
    I seem amazing
    To these people
    And that’s because
    I’ve mastered
    The art
    Of simple uttering
    It placates
    The shuddering
    Trust me
    I know
    The way to go
    So follow me
    Along this
    Long dark

    We all know
    An ego
    Can be
    A form of hilarity
    But, we still
    Like to deify
    To such impressive
    Degrees of which
    Reality’s elements
    Are no longer relevant
    We worship
    Hopeless showmanship
    And troll
    Its pulpits
    For drugging moments
    We’d love to live
    Like we’ve learned
    From the Romans
    But we stifle
    The onus
    Of reflection
    In focus

    Hi my name is Alpha
    But you can
    Call me P.O.T.U.S.

    Come join me
    And we’ll recline
    To the yester years
    When there were
    Whites only
    Water fountains
    And every third person
    Was a communist threat
    We’re going to make
    This empire great again
    Like when
    There weren’t so many
    And if we don’t,
    Well then
    I might be
    A fucking idiot

    But, whose fault is it?

    The election of leadership
    Is like a used-car dealership

    All we need
    Is something to miss
    And we can keep
    Looking at our dicks
    Without noticing
    The rusted-out
    Piece of shit
    We’re sitting in

    We’ll just continue
    To manifest culprits
    Like the Asians
    Who make those
    Goddamn spark plugs

    This is the American
    Dream in action…

    Posted By jakeminick | Jan 20, 2017

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