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Discussion in 'Creative Traditional' started by Malekelm, Dec 12, 2011.

    Malekelm New Member

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    The Ford Rouge Plant
    Stands only a half mile
    Away from my house
    Towering above
    The neighborhood
    Like a Taskmaster
    While we played
    At Lapeer Park
    We, the Future
    Assembly line
    Who work on Christmas
    And relish overtime
    Who know little
    About company policy
    And Benefits
    We, who appreciate
    The opportunity to
    Work for the opportunistic
    After all, it is
    Why our fathers
    Came, and our grandfathers
    Before them
    That is why they built
    A Barrier
    Disguised as a Train Track
    Spanning high
    Across the Southwest
    Border of the Southend
    Containing us in a way
    A child holds a fly
    In cupped hands
    There are opening
    Cracks like Rifts
    The locals call them
    Underpasses or Tunnels
    Three of them:
    On Dix, Eagle Pass
    And Wyoming
    In the Three Seconds
    Of darkness you are
    In there, something happens
    Something subtle but
    Surrounding, like the smell
    Of rain in the air.
    And then you know,
    When you come out
    In a flash of light
    You are in another
    Place, and a thought
    Will come to you
    That it rains even
    In the ocean
    Where the Sirens sing
    Where they lure men
    To their death
    With a certain song
    They will find you soon
    In some part of the sea
    Or you will find them
    In these Rifts, perhaps
    These oceans of darkness

    Go ahead
    Strap on your seatbelt
    As you tie your innocence
    To the mast
    Sail through
    The rift is brief

    Posted By Malekelm | Dec 12, 2011

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    Minellis'Vertigo Member

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    Hi Malekelm
    You have agreat gift in your poetry to really portray a story. I really enjoyed this poem as i did "unaerated truth" keep on writing!

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