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    Thank you for your interest in Rosebud. We are open to outside submissions and we review material throughout the year. Though there are a few pointers below, the best way to get a feeling of what we do is to read an issue or two. You can either visit your local bookstore (we are available in Borders and Barnes & Noble), or better yet--subscribe or buy a sample copy directly from us at Rosebud Sales.

    • Rosebud welcomes submissions by authors of diverse backgrounds.
    • Rosebud and its editors are not responsible for lost or unreturned manuscript submissions.
    • If you do not include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) that is large enough, and with sufficient postage, you will not receive a report, your submission will be discarded and the paper recycled.


    You should be well-read in contemporary poetry and criticism. Avoid excessive or well-worn abstractions, not to mention clichés. Present a unique and convincing world (you can do this in a few words!) by means of fresh and exact imagery, and by interesting use of syntax. Explore the deep reaches of metaphor. But don't forget to be playful and have fun with words. Never tell the reader what to think! Send three to five one-page poems representing your best work. Poetry must be typed, single spaced. If you want your poems returned, please specify; otherwise they will be discarded. You will receive a report on your submission within a few weeks. But if you do not include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) that is large enough, and with sufficient postage, you will not receive a report, your submission will be discarded and the paper recycled. Note that we have dropped the $1 handling fee for poetry, but not for prose.

    We do not at this time accept electronic submissions. Mail your poems to:
    John E. Smelcer
    Poetry Editor, Rosebud
    P.O. Box 671236
    Chugiak, AK 99567


    We publish short stories and an occasional essay. The ideal length for prose is 1,200 to 2,500 words. Fiction and non-fiction submissions must be typed, double-spaced. Send one to three of your strongest pieces. We like good storytelling, real emotion and authentic voice. On rare occasions we publish essays, but we do not publish conventional travel, political, or religious material, sentimentality, "inspirational" essays or nostalgia. Most of the stories we receive read like stories submitted to journals 50 years ago, and often are too generic and predictable to publish. Many start too slow and spend too much time up front telling us what the story is about. Get us interested first, then weave in exposition as you go.

    FOR PROSE PIECES ONLY: An acceptance or rejection notice or, in some instances, an indication why a given piece was not a match for Rosebud, and/or how you might better target future work. Rosebud, Inc. is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers. To handle the growing thousands of submissions we receive every year, we have the Rosebud Fast-track Initiative (RFI) to streamline prose submission processing. To achieve this we will be charging a handling fee of one dollar (cash preferred) for each submission (covers no more than three stories). Unsolicited materials unaccompanied by the $1 fee will no longer be considered for Rosebud. For a timely response, please:

    • Put the letters RFI on the outside of the envelope, and circle them!

    • Include a one-dollar fee for the entire submission or check for $1 made out to Rosebud.

    • Simultaneous submissions are OK on condition you notify us of acceptance elsewhere.

    • Include no more than three stories.

    • Important! Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for our reply.

    • Please specify whether you want your manuscript returned.
      • If you want your manuscript returned, please make sure the SASE has adequate postage AND that the envelope is large enough!
      • If you do not specify that you want your manuscript returned, we will recycle the paper.

    • Send fiction and essays with SASE and $1.00 handling fee included to:

      RFI PROSE Submissions
      c/o Roderick Clark
      N3310 Asje Rd.
      Cambridge, WI 53523
    • The Rosebud Fast-track Initiative (RFI) offers advantages to authors at a reasonable cost:
      • Approximate 45 day response from date of manuscript receipt.
      • Some indication of why a given piece was not a match for Rosebud, and/or, if appropriate, how you might better target future work.

    • We must be able to easily contact you by phone or e-mail as well as regular mail.

    • The writer's name and address should be at the top of each piece.

    • Send only hard copy at this time. If your piece is accepted be prepared to send an electronic file by e-mail or on disk.

    • We use The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's Dictionary (10th Edition) as editorial guides.


    Rosebud purchases one-time rights to original or previously published pieces; this means you are free to sell that same piece to another publication and that all remaining rights revert to you. Selected writers may be contacted later for publication in Rosebud anthologies. For stories or articles, Rosebud currently pays a flat fee of $25.00, and three issues. Rosebud pays for poems in issues only: the amount is generally three, depending on supply. Aside from compensation, however, the benefits of publishing in Rosebud can be enormous. Your piece will be read across the U.S., Canada, and to some extent, around the world. Literary agents often ask us about writers they have seen in Rosebud, and sometimes we can make connections. A significant number of Rosebud writers later publish collections or novels elsewhere.

    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Oct 15, 2007

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