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    Keith Seren New Member

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    Feb 9, 2015
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    A gentle cough, a quiet word, a morning breeze, a distant bird,
    Into her box her letters fall, soft flip flop slippers down a hall,
    A radio plays yesterdays, and on the wall a clock face says
    That sometimes time talks much too loud, like egos clashing in a crowd,
    Her percolators gurgling rhyme told her that it was breakfast time
    So she sat in her window seat, and drank her coffee black and sweet
    While musing on the day ahead, so much was still left to be said
    Yet life sometimes has many lanes, and some are losses, some are gains.

    Stepping outside to lock her door, she slowly strolled down to the shore
    Deciding that she’d start her day by wandering down Sabre bay,
    Where sunlit sea was glowing flame, and whispers never meant the same
    As those that fluttered through the trees, these were whispers of the seas,
    As she walked she seemed to hear, from far off waves though crystal clear,
    Those messages from long ago, brought back upon the oceans flow
    From somewhere that they both had been, a distant day, a distant scene
    Where time and tide were much the same, a picture in a wooden frame.

    And then she sensed them back again, two lovers in the teeming rain
    Both shouting at the boiling sea, so footloose and so fancy free
    Like gulls in winds they danced aloft, where even storms felt cushion soft
    And from the cliffs they watched their day meander off down Sabre bay
    Both clasped together in their dreams, or so their golden memory seems
    Yet soon he had to go again, for some things she could not explain,
    So many suns, so many moons, so many tear filled afternoons
    Despite the fact that she still Prays, her radio still plays yesterdays…
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    erikestabrook JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    nice work Keith, can't believe it hasn't gotten attention
  1. Magical

    Forestdawn Member

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    Jun 28, 2015
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    A touching scene. A thought of yesteryear. The imagery here was spot on. I could almost see the smiles on the faces of the couple as they strolled to Sabre Bay. great write.

    Posted By Forestdawn | Jul 3, 2015

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