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    "If anyone asked me how I feel about this cancer I would say nothing. I feel nothing about it. I don't have any feelings about it at all…"

    Part of a conversation with my mother today. I listened to the woman who arrived at a new school 16 in six grade because she missed school caring for her mother and sisters. She raised seven children, nursed her mother-in-law in the last stages of heart failure. Her husband passed away not too many months later.

    Her thoughts are of her children and their welfare after she's gone. My thoughts run the same direction. What are we gonna do without her?

    We are all dealing with it in our own way. One sister is a take-charge kind of person. Another, according to the former sister, turns on the water works and takes advantage of Mom. My brother is protective of those he loves especially Mom. He'll take on anyone who would hurt his mother. The rest of us are trying to get any minute, any second, any nanosecond we can get with her.

    The tears start, not so much when I think of the cancer (stage four), but when I think of how she's handling the end of her life. I tend to believe Grandma is looking down at us heaven, giggling and snorting at our most outrageous behavior and telling us we can get through the worst times of our lives. I thought of her on my way home from the post office and asked greet Mom on her arrival. Asked her to show her the ropes, how to put on her wings and to fly. If anyone deserves wings to soar, it is she.

    I don't want to say goodbye.

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