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    Aug 29, 2006
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    Shame Shame

    My eyes stared blankly through the slime-covered glass, at the river of pedestrians on the sidewalk. I saw the three Muslim women first, marching with their heads draped in silk. Modest but demanding to be heard, they carried flimsy home made signs; Bristol board condemning Bush for his oil addiction. I swallowed, my face flushed with shame. Shame that I wasn't walking with them, and that I hadn't thought of it before. I made a mental note to get off here on my way back from my appointment. As the streetcar reached the intersection, I noticed a bend in the walking river. The massive crowd turned right and surged up University Avenue. My eyes instinctively looked ahead to the mouth of the river, where it oozed into a sea of Anti-war demonstrators, and all I could think was,
    " Why didn't I know this was going on?"
    As we drove away, past the myriad police-horse trailers and foot patrol amassing behind City Hall, I again chastised myself.
    " Never mind not knowing this was going on. Shame on you for not being the one who organized it!"

    Karen Godson(AmazonPoet)

    Posted By AmazonPoet | Aug 29, 2006

    Jeez Banned

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    Hi, Amazon,

    Enjoyed your write with
    all the images of the areas
    you have mentioned, could
    picture it all as these actions
    have been repeated at other

    As for the feelings you felt,
    when you realized their need
    and truths, that is when you
    could react and only then.

    You need not feel that way
    now cause you have taken
    it a step further, you have
    shared your view their view
    with all of us that read here
    widening the knowledge of
    ruleing peoples ignorance.

    Posted By Jeez | Aug 29, 2006

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