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    LynnEllen Minstrel

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    I've got to vent or I'm going to choke, lol...

    Part of what I do is investigative journalism, and it's mostly negative. I'm generally an easy-going person and my motto has always been, "live and let live". The last few diggers I've had (what I call my investigative jobs) have been pretty run-of -the-mill: swindlers trying to trick people out of their money. They've been a lone person or maybe a few people doing the con job and they've been easy to expose. Small stuff, ya know? Well, today I took on a larger "legitimate" company who has a very unethical practice. I covered the bases with undercover stuff then finally called them to get their explanation. I didn't swear, but I sure wanted to. This company hijacks people's intellectual property for a time, and I mean, they actually take it completely out of the creator's hands. The intellectual property is released either after a certain amount of time or when the creator (or ANYONE else) calls them to specifically request that it be released (and giving that company the opportunity to hold the caller hostage to listen to their sales pitch). The nature of this is such that it actually leaves the information open to be stolen by someone else on a permanent basis. This company tried to assure me that what they do is for their customers' protection! These people are not even their customers! Come on... they've got great big hairy coconut cajones to try and pass that off. Anyway, I'm so frustrated with them and aggravated for my readers. I can't wait until the story breaks. I'm waiting for some more information to come in on closely related issues, so it's going to have to wait, but GAH! I think it's just because this is a large company that I'm so frustrated. If it were one or two people, exposing them and shutting them down is fairly easy. I might be in for a big fight. I guess that's okay, I haven't had one since I left my abusive ex-husband, lol.

    :lightsaberfight: Let me at'em!

    Posted By LynnEllen | Feb 27, 2008

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