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    Longwarry in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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    In a lullaby song of the evening.
    In the background a cricket sings,
    corellas fly past, to their resting tree
    high upon silhouette wings.

    Red sky widens and covers the west
    with half sun glowing and gold,
    there’s stark contrast between heaven and earth
    as life in a pondage unfold.

    Bullfrog! Bullfrog! Clearing your throat,
    reed warbler should be going to sleep.
    ‘Sweet pretty creature,’ call of willy wagtail
    and crickets continue to cheep.

    In a lullaby song of the evening,
    new stars are beginning to shine,
    plovers’ static call fills the growing dim sky
    and the reed warblers calling decline.

    So when the changeover’s completed,
    and day has now turned into night,
    these lullaby songs of the evening,
    are now hidden well out of sight.

    Bullfrog! Bullfrog! Clearing your throat,
    and crickets continue to cheep.
    ‘Sweet pretty creature,’ call of willy wagtail,
    the ringtail awake from their sleep.

    A red fox is yapping, then a mournful drawl,
    the mopoke hoots steady and soft.
    Radar pings in flight of the wattled bat
    echo with it flying aloft.

    A koala growls in the manna gum tops,
    a sugar gliders’ stealing its space,
    maned geese flying blind from dam to dam
    moan ‘gnow’ for the night to embrace.

    The lullaby song of the evening is dying,
    where hunter and hunted exist,
    for the art of survival is simply relying
    on mute vigilance in their midst.

    Bullfrog! Bullfrog! You are silent now,
    reed warbler is sleeping at last.
    Plovers’ are quiet, crickets no longer sing
    the moon in a stillness drifts past.

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    JONATHAN living not existing.

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    I so want to be where you were when you were writing this piece .. this captures me totally even after reading it the third time. YOU ARE BRILLIANT! The less said the better instead Ill go ahead and read it again, it drowns out the sounds of traffic that usually floods my penthouse apartment on my busy never asleep street and I can almost hear your bullfrog.:rainbow:

    Posted By JONATHAN | Mar 1, 2013

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