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    jakeminick McGonagall's Ghost

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    Awkward wings of experience
    Dangling in the dust of cubicle days
    (Box to box)
    In an empty-ish
    zombie waltz
    Shaking the talismans
    And creating a languid mist
    Of spiritual staggering

    It must happen
    That balance
    And serenity
    Are produced
    Through brutal psychosis
    And continuous contradiction

    Those who are hopeless
    Are only focusing
    On particular dimensions
    Fixed in place
    (As ornaments)
    Facing the day
    with the same array
    Of tapestry
    (Littered to the colloquial coasting);
    Parading devotion
    Through framed-out emotions
    (Fashioned and ready)
    To vacuum
    The vibrations
    Of internal bliss
    Into collective elements
    Of archaic concepts

    Such is the ethereal mural
    of collective myth

    Faces fighting
    for the circulation
    of intentions
    through prophetic suggestions

    imagination with the will to live;

    symbolic entities reflecting our wishes
    and tapping the innards
    to reflect our most horrific fears
    and greatest aspirations

    [i don't know what the hell this is....i just wanted to post something...i probably should have spent more time on it and, been slightly less rezd]

    Posted By jakeminick | Apr 9, 2013

  1. Cool

    nomadicrhymer JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    lol! I actually enjoyed it's myriad roads starting and stopping along the tapestry, winding it's way down to the end. It makes sense to me nevertheless and is an extremely interesting piece that one can take and interpret many ways..

    great job!

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