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    The little boy played in the cabins.
    The cabins themselves filled with blood.
    Why oh why little boy did you venture past your own play area?
    Would you had been safer?
    He entered with so much curiosity.
    Seeing the legs of a woman.
    Torso of a man.
    Head of a child
    And the arms of a elder person.
    As you let an scream, running out the door. The only thoughts that go through your mind are the irrational ones.
    The moment you walk inside to tell your mother, she leaning over the sin, the sink over flowing with a red liquid and her arms missing.
    You scream running to look for your father, he’s in his chair with the paper on his lap and his legs are missing.
    you turn to your grandmothers room to tell her to wake up she in her blue blanket. which is now dyed red, you go over pulling the blankets back, screaming in pure fear.
    You run to your little brother room, he’s in his craddle you peak in with tears flowing down your face. but his head isn’t there but replaced with a dolls head. You shudder in horror.
    Running back outside. You see a smiling face looking at you only saying this over and over again ..” You shouldn’t have told. You promised. You shouldn’t have run. You promised. You didn’t listen, though you promised”
    You stare in fear with only one question in mind..” Why am I looking at myself?!?!”
    Then your no longer moving.

    Posted By Wind | Aug 23, 2013

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