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    Sealiah Poetic Dancer

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    Aug 28, 2006
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    The blade shifts in my hands
    And the light glares off the snow..
    I stumble forward with my sword
    And swing both high and low.

    He darts to the left and right
    And comes in with a punch..
    I stumble back to fall down
    That punch was far too much...

    The scar on my face is aching
    And my eyes are clouded now
    All I can think of is your pain
    That pain I caused in vow...

    I didn't know that in my work
    I'd be hurting those I save..
    I didn't realize that with this blade
    Justice comes with pain.

    He strikes me once he strikes me twice
    And though I walk away..
    He keeps on coming always coming
    And so I draw my blade.

    Why oh why can't he die?
    Is he dream or is he real?
    And then the blood pours down my arm...
    Your blood and his as well.

    I don't know what to do
    As I see you falling down..
    So from my hand the blade does fall
    But there is no other sound.

    You saved my life with your own
    What price must I now pay?
    To never kill again in life...
    This is what you say.

    I don't know how to answer that
    And so your blade is drawn..
    With your last breath you cross the scar...
    A cross upon my face is drawn.

    The grudge undone with your last breath
    The light that fades in eyes..
    I bury my face in your hair..
    So dies this Battousai.

    Posted By Sealiah | Oct 20, 2007

  2. Artistic

    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Dear Sealiah,

    :wow: I am in awe of you! Not only do you give us an outstanding poem once again, but videos also!!! I have to keep up with all of your stuff! One must watch the video. It is a mix of pleasure and pain and clearly depicts the struggle. For those reading this comment...Sealiah is going to link to her profile so that all five videos can be viewed!! The poem is absolutely flawless and executed beautifully. I was captured by the title and the storem (poem + story) as I call it was mesmerizing!! Truly Sealiah you continue to amaze me, and I also wish you all the success and blessings in the world on your upcoming book! I cannot wait...just :wow: :bravothanx: Love ya!!

    p.s. Sealiah's video can be viewed HERE!

    PD :wub:

    mistyllspoetry Billy Corgan's Shadow

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    Dec 6, 2006
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    Bryson City, North Carolina
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    Wow a great tale of writing.
    Well done.

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