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    [-]The Commonline Project[/-]
    'A Guerrilla Magazine of Lines & Interviews'
    The Commonline Project: Submit

    The Commonline Project is seeking submissions. The guidelines are fairly simple. If you feel like you don’t need to read this entire page, please do not submit.

    Also, if you think Shakespeare is the greatest writer who ever lived, or you aspire to someday be published in "Reader's Digest", or you think that light verse poetry is the “only poetry” – Do Not Submit, The Commonline Project is not the place for you.

    So…..Here We Go
    1. We are looking for poetry (send no more than three in the body of an e-mail). For the most part The CommonLine Project conducts its own interviews. However, if you've conducted an interesting interview, would like to suggest someone for an interview, or just have an idea for our interview section - we would like to hear about it. We accept simultaneous submissions but must be notified if accepted elsewhere. The CommonLine Project also considers previously published work but please tell us where the work was originally published so we can give credit.

    2. The Commonline Project only accepts electronic submissions. We do not open attachments. Please paste all submissions in the body of an e-mail. Submissions with attachments will be unopened and deleted.

    3. It is not required but recommended to introduce your work with a Short Bio (100 words or less) written in the third person. Include personal websites, publication history, and personal information if you wish. This info will be displayed with your work. Also, please title your submission appropriately in the subject line. Example: “Poetry Submission”.

    4. We try to respond to all submissions, however, The Project does not give personal criticism and/or explanations on all submissions. If your work will appear, we will contact you within one month. If you do not hear from us in that time period we have passed on your work. Please do not query us to ask the status of your submission. On occasion we may ask to see more of a writer's work even though we have chosen not to publish their current submission.

    About Editing
    We lightly edit submissions. Editors assume that you expect your writing to be edited. If you wish to approve of edits before publication please say so in your submission, otherwise we will freely edit your work. If we ever need to edit writing heavily we will contact the writer first.

    About Formatting
    If the content of your work relies on special formatting we will make our best effort to accommodate it. However, HTML is a blunt instrument and some or all of it may be lost.

    A Couple Notes, About a Few Things
    Everyone writes poetry. And yes, everyone means everyone. If you can’t figure out what that means, it means that we receive a lot of writing that doesn't fit our needs. That we get a lot of what is called "blind submissions" and that we read a lot of poems about pets. So the point is, send us something different, raw, interesting and new. That is what we are after, not to mention, that is what you are after; if these things seem “crazy” to you, do not submit.

    Direct all submissions / hate mail: Common-line@hotmail.com.

    The Commonline Project will hold the First North American Electronic Serial Rights for the piece for the issue in which the piece is displayed. At the end of one month rights revert back to the author, though The Commonline Project reserves the rights to archive the piece. If the piece is chosen to appear in a later print edition, the author will be contacted for The Commonline Project to reserve First North American Print Serial Rights. The Commonline Project cannot offer payment for accepted submissions to the magazine at this time.

    The CommonLine Project will never sell or make public your information to any third party. We believe in total privacy. Any information The CommonLine Project obtains from you will be used strictly to promote your writing. If we happen to not use your work it will be destroyed along with any information you may have provided us. We are doing our best to keep your confidence.

    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Nov 13, 2007

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